Ashley - Environmental Sciences

Science Ambassador
Ashley goofy

Program: Environmental Sciences, Ecology specialization, Legal studies minor

Year: 4

Stream of study: Co-op

Pronouns: She/Her

Career goal: After grad school, pursuing a job in Toxicology research. A job that allows me to combine field work, lab work, office work and travel!

How I get involved: I get involved by being a part of Science Ambassadors! In first year, I joined UW Muay Thai to stay active. As well, I took on 2 leadership roles in second year on Watrox and the Student Activities Team at St. Jerome's.

Why I love my program

I love environmental science because it has a great balance of field and lab experience. I have been fortunate to attend field labs, and perform co-op work in the hydrology and toxicology fields. Environmental science (Ecology specialization, co-op) is a great program for people interested in environmental sustainability, climate change and the wonders of the natural world!

Why University of Waterloo?

The University of Waterloo has a great co-op program to give you solid work experience that can help you decide what you would like to do after you receive your undergraduate or graduate degree here. With co-op, you are able to apply what you've learned in the classroom into the workplace. There's also so many great clubs, places to eat and beautiful study spaces on campus that make the University of Waterloo feel like home.

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