Daniel - Earth Sciences

Science Ambassador
Daniel playing a trumpet while holding rock climbing shoes, a badminton racket, a camera, and a newton's cradle

Program: Earth Sciences with Geophysics Specialization, Psychology Minor

Year: 5

Stream of study: Regular

Pronouns: He/Him

Career goal: Something to do with teaching and inspiring the next generation to become the best people they can be.

How I get involved: In year one, I was involved with the Science Society, Physics Club, the Robotics Team, Salsa Dancing, and I did the necessary training for Science Outreach which I am planning to be involved with this current year. Additionally, I was an Orientation Leader for Science Orientation this year. I am also joining the badminton club this year.

Why I love my program

I love knowing things about the world around us and being able to explain various things to different people. I have a curious mind and know that many people do as well. Additionally, I love learning new things that require me to push my limits. I feel like this is an excellent program for that. I am constantly challenged yet amazed by what I am learning.

Why University of Waterloo?

There are a few reasons why I decided to come to Waterloo. First, its reputation for Science (and Physics especially) is exceptional. Secondly, I really liked the atmosphere of the school when I came to the University open house and Science 101 day.

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