Karen - Psychology

Science Ambassador
Karen fun

Program: Psychology, Medical physiology minor

Year: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Pronouns: She/Her

Career goal: Neuropsychologist or a Clinical Child Psychologist!

How I get involved: I'm a Front Desk Assistant with Campus Housing and a volunteer with Grand River Hospital!

Why I love my program

I love how I get to combine my passions for psychology and biology!! It's great to learn certain topics in my psych courses, and see them through a biological lens in my science courses! Because I'm minoring in medical physiology, I will also enjoy taking health and kinesiology courses in my upper years! Every class is an opportunity to learn more about the world around me :)

Why University of Waterloo?

From the moment I accepted my offer, I was met with smiling faces and helping hands! Whether during a lab, or club event, I always felt like I belonged and could openly be my best self. I've experienced an unmatched level of support here at the University of Waterloo, allowing me to thrive both in and outside the classroom:)