Renzo - Chemistry

Science Ambassador
Renzo fun

Program: Chemistry, Computational Specialization

Year: 5

Stream of study: Co-op

Pronouns: He/Him

Career goal: I hope to work in the green chemistry industry as a chemist/chemical engineer. But first, grad school!

How I get involved: Previously, I have held executive positions at Waterloo's Chemistry Club, and was an Off-Campus Community Don with WUSA. Within Chemistry, I have held an NSERC USRA with a professor where I was able to do really cool research in quantum molecular dynamics simulations. I have also been/currently a TA for CHEM 250L (Physical Chemistry I Lab), and I am completing my CHEM 494 research project with another professor within the field of polymer chemistry! On my free time, I like to stay active by getting a workout in at PAC 💪

Why I love my program

Throughout my education prior to starting university, I have always been interested in understanding the physical world around me. I knew in high school that chemistry was a great way to do so! In addition to my love for chemistry, I have also grown up being quite tech-savvy, and always had an underlying interest in computer science and math. Aside from the very fun experiments we get to do, I also love the challenges and obstacles that studying chemistry brings me, motivating me to be the best scientist I could be. With my program, I am able to combine both my love for chemistry, and computer science/math!

Why University of Waterloo?

It was the co-op program at Waterloo that heavily influenced my decision. I was extremely interesting in gaining that research/industry experience while in my undergrad to help guide my career prospects and specific interests in the field of chemistry. Additionally, I feel like I fit right into the environment of students here, surrounded by like-minded and hard-working individuals!

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