GBDA internships are a mandatory graduation milestone, taking place in the spring term following the completion of a student's 3rd year of academic studies. Over the course of 16 weeks (between May 1st and August 31), students will work a 35 to 40 hour week at an approved organization earning an average hourly wage of $20/hr.

*A completed internship milestone on a GBDA student’s academic record will indicate successful completion of this requirement.

Process and Procedure for Students

Cooperative and Experiential Education facilitates the GBDA internship Recruitment Cycle for GBDA students. GBDA students will always participate in the Winter Co-op Recruitment Cycle.

GBDA students will find all internship possibilities in WaterlooWorks and are invited to apply to ALL posted co-operative education jobs as well as jobs posted specifically for GBDA students.

Specifically,WaterlooWorks is the system you will use to:

  • Apply to internships
  • Get notifications of scheduled interviews
  • Get notifications of rankings
  • Get notifications of job offers

* GBDA students are expected to follow the Co-op roles & responsibilities

Failure to honour any commitment for employment (ex: job matches through WaterlooWorks, previously committed offers of employment, or failing to report to work for an agreed upon employment commitment, etc.) will result in disciplinary action. 

The Student Experience

The Employer Experience


Process and Procedure for Employers

The GBDA Summer Internship Recruitment Process is facilitated by Co-operative and Experiential Education, on the WaterlooWorks platform. GBDA Employers use WaterlooWorks to hire GBDA summer interns in the same way co-op students are hired.