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Our 3MT champion: PhD student took on Canada and brings back gold

Won at a work bench in a labcoat and gloves

With just 180 seconds on the clock, Gah-Jone Won, a PhD candidate at the School of Optometry and Vision Science, set out to distill his 200-page thesis. With six seconds to spare, Won became the first University of Waterloo student to walk away with the national 3-Minute Thesis title and $1,500 in prize money. 

Facebooking why you do your civic duty

Did you vote in the municipal election last fall? A masters student in Environment was awarded $2,000 last month for sharing his reasons for voting in a social media contest.

Champions of safety

University of Waterloo Lifesaving Club earns first national championship banner

Adrian Cossu, the UWaterloo Lifesaving Club president has been training for and competing in lifesaving sport competitions for almost 10 years, and this year he and his team brought the national championship banner home to Waterloo for the first time.

A tradition in innovation

Photo from EcoCar3 flickr.

The University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team prepares for EcoCar3

Ben Gaffney is in the second year of his Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering – he is also one of the new team leads in upcoming EcoCar3 Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition. Ben joined the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) in his fourth year of his undergrad at Waterloo and decided to extend his university experience into research and leadership roles with the team.

newRoots for new Canadians

UWaterloo grad student’s life-changing app won $25,000 in national hackathon

Carlos Saavedra, a student in Waterloo’s Master of Digital Experience Innovation program at the Stratford Campus, won the first Canadian Open Data Experience, a 48-hour hackathon that challenged participants to create an application that would better the lives of Canadians. Carlos’s invention was awarded the $25,000 grand prize and also won the $1,000 fan favourite prize, as chosen by Canadians in an online poll.

3 minutes, 1 slide and 1 outstanding thesis

Kinesiology graduate student wins university-wide 3 Minute Thesis competition

Matthew Vonk, an Applied Health Sciences masters student, competed with nine other graduate students at the campus-wide 3 Minute Thesis Competition last Thursday and secured first place along with the People’s Choice Award for his presentation that connects physical exercise with mental health.

Mend with math

PhD Math student helps surgeons correct skull deformities in infants

André Linhares, a 24-year-old PhD student in the Faculty of Mathematics, is working with surgeons at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children to help ensure the best possible outcome for infants who undergo skull surgery.

Award-winning cancer research

PhD student won $40,000 award from Prostate Cancer Canada

Katie Di Sebastiano, a University of Waterloo PhD student, is one of five students across Canada who received a $40,000 Constantine Karayannopoulos Graduate Studentship Award from Prostate Cancer Canada. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer that affects Canadian men, impacting one in seven over the course of their lifetime. Katie’s award-winning research plans to combine the study of nutrition and cancer research in order to help improve prostate cancer treatments for patients and post-treatments for survivors.

Improving health worldwide

PhD students found health care charity in Nepal

A few years ago, School of Public Health & Health Systems PhD student, Lana Vanderlee, and Kinesiology PhD student, Andrew Mitchell, volunteered in Nepal. An experience that was supposed to last six weeks, however, has continued to impact Lana and Andrew’s lives.

Ending the silence

PhD students encourage mental health awareness

Why are you standing up? That’s the question Stand Up to Stigma hopes students will answer this week. PhD students Stephanie Lu and Kristin Brown, along with third-year Suzie Alexander, are bringing back their blackboard campaign to educate and engage students on the topic of mental health.

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