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How do you create effective study questions?

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Study questions are a great way to help you prepare for an exam or test. They help you review the course material and practice applying it to questions — just like you’ll do during the test.

The key to doing this effectively is to create study questions that force you to use the same skills you’ll use during the exam. 

An epic approach to problem-based test questions

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Problem-based questions don’t have to be something you dread on your next exam. The key to working through them is to follow a framework to break them down. The EPIC approach does this and can be used for a variety of problem-based questions. Here’s how it works:

Anxious for exams? Reduce stress with these tips

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Does preparing for a test feel as scary as writing it? Read on. Feeling anxious about tests is common in universitybut here are lots of strategies you can try to help manage those feelings.

What to include in review notes for exams

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Not sure where to start when you’re studying for exams? Review notes are the answer. They help you synthesize what you’ve learned and organize the course information for studying.

Use this five-step process for writing exams

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There’s no doubt exams can be stressful, but using a process can help you stay calm. Try this five-step process for your next exam:

5 steps to feel confident about your next exam

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Good performance on a test or exam is a combination of knowing the material you’ll be tested on and using your study time well. To help you prepare for upcoming tests and exams, here are five steps to take!

How to study strategically last minute (effective cramming)

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in a situation where you left studying until right before a test or exam. Although advised to avoid this strategy at all costs, many students find themselves in a similar situation at least once throughout their studies. Even though studying last minute should always be used as a last resort, there are some strategies that can help you study for a test or exam and make the last-minute exam preparation a bit less stressful.

3 tips for studying for your first midterm or exam

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Leaving studying to the last minute may seem like a good strategy, but it’s actually easier to prepare for midterms and exams throughout the term. Follow these three steps to build good habits into your study routine.