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Next time you get feedback, try these tips

Three students sitting in chairs in a building on campus, looking outside through windows

Let’s start by admitting that reading the feedback on an assignment — especially one you don’t think was your best — can be uncomfortable. Maybe you even avoid checking the comments because you find constructive feedback difficult to hear. That’s completely normal.

So... let’s remember this feedback isn’t a critique of you, but simply a piece of your work. And you can use the feedback to improve next time. Here’s how:

Why attend classes (it’s more than just showing up)

Professor in front of a class of students in a lecture hall on campus

Do you feel unmotivated to attend in-person lectures? Maybe you feel disengaged because you can review the slides on your own or watch the recorded lecture. Or maybe you’re not interested in engaging in class discussions or activities. 

If you’re having these feelings, here’s a reminder of some benefits of attending and participating during in-person classes:

How to use feedback to your advantage

Student sitting at a picnic bench on campus and working on a laptop.

Have you ever submitted an essay or project that you were so sure would meet your professor’s expectations, only to get it back with lots of notes and a lower grade than you were hoping for?

We’ve all been there. Receiving and reviewing feedback from your teaching assistants (TAs) and instructors is a regular part of the university experience.

Teaching assistants (TAs) are here to help!

Two students sitting at a table, one student is pointing out something on a paper and there is a dictionary on the table

What is a teaching assistant (TA)?

TAs are upper-year or graduate level students that help your professors and instructors with grading, tutorials, exams and more.

In-person vs. online classes in university

Students sitting in a lecture, listening to the professor and smiling.

Deciding between online and in-person classes? The world of university learning has evolved a lot, especially with the rise of online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both class types have their perks and challenges. Here's a simple breakdown to help you understand and decide:

What I wish I knew about studying in university

A student sitting outside on campus. They are leaning up against a tree to support their back while they read through notes.

The first day I stepped onto the sprawling university campus, it was an intoxicating blend of excitement, nerves and sheer determination, and I’m sure it's the same for many other first years.