Wat2Do: July 19 - July 23, 2021

Monday, July 19, 2021

Wat 2 Do

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Important Dates
  • July 21: Drop with WD ends (spring term)
  • July 22: Drop with WF begins (spring term)
SLP Workshops

SLP workshops this week:

  • Exploring leadership
July 20
Special Edition: International Travel Pre-Departure Drop-In Will this be your first time travelling to Canada? Attend to get your travel and quarantine questions answered. July 28
Building with Banking Do you want to stay in Canada after graduation? Learn how to financially plan for your future. July 27
Custom Apparel Program

Order your customer Waterloo Warriors Gear for the upcoming season! 

  • This will be the only sport specific order for the year
  • Order now!


July 21 @5pm

Hiring Volunteers for Fall 2021 RAISE now accepting volunteer applications for fall 2021. Apply on Leads  
Growing your Career Through Reflection

In this interactive workshop you will look back on your experiences and learn to use critical reflection as a tool for building a successful career

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July 20
Equity Survey Reminder Haven't completed Waterloo's equity survey? It's not too late! Your unique link was recently resent to your inbox. We need your voice to advance Waterloo's equity goals at together!