Profile photo of Meryl Norris

Meryl Norris

New Student Transition Specialist

Meryl Norris supports the new student transition team and the greater campus community to come up with creative and innovative ways to meet the needs of incoming students at the University of Waterloo

Lauryn Poulin.

Lauryn Poulin

Student Leadership Program Coordinator

As the Student Leadership Program Coordinator, Lauryn Poulin is responsible for the overall coordination and delivery of the Student Leadership Certificate Program. 

Andrea Prier.

Andrea Prier

Senior Academic Development Specialist

As the Senior Academic Development Specialist, Andrea Prier works collaboratively with individuals within the Student Success Office and across campus to identify/develop research-informed strategies that support academic skill building.

Portrait of Katie Schulz

Katie Schulz

Student Experience Manager, Special Projects

Katie Schulz is currently in the role of Student Experience Manager, Special Projects. She enjoys working with many people across campus to create opportunities for collaboration and enriching the student experience, especially as it relates to their transition to university.

Nasim Shojayi

Nasim Shojayi

Early Engagement Specialist

Nasim Shojayi leads the development of a cross-campus early engagement strategy to promote a campus culture focused on factors that proactively contribute to a student’s success in University.

Taylor Small.

Taylor Small

Communications Officer, Student Services

As the Communications Officer, Student Services, Taylor Small creates communications strategies that promote the wonderful opportunities and resources available to students at the SSO.

Leslie Smith.

Leslie Smith (on leave)

Global Learning Coordinator

As a Global Learning Coordinator, Leslie Smith helps manage and promote exciting exchange opportunities for Waterloo students who desire to study abroad while internationalizing their degree.

Laura Stickel.

Laura Stickel

Portal Engagement Specialist

Laura Stickel is the Portal Engagement Specialist. Her main responsibility is to promote UWaterloo Portal and find ways to actively engage new users; she works closely with the communications team to promote the Portal and looks for opportunities to increase Portal engagement through various events and outreach initiatives. 


Claire Taylor

Student Engagement and Communications Manager

As the Student Engagement and Communications Manager, Claire Taylor develops engagement strategies and initiatives that help create a vibrant student experience.

Chantal Vallis.

Chantal Vallis

Communications Officer, Internationalization

As a Communications Officer, Chantal Vallis creates web, social and print materials to support the work of the Global Learning team, International Student Experience team and Immigration Consultants. 

Jessica McCormick.

Jessica McCormick

Immigration Consultant

Jessica McCormick is an Immigration Consultant at the Student Success Office. She has been working with international students for a number of years, assisting with immigration and academic matters and helping students achieve their goals while in Canada.

Portrait of Heather Westmorland

Heather Westmorland

Associate Director of Student Transition and Learning Services

Heather Westmorland is the Associate Director of Student Transition and Learning Services, and she thrives on the energy and excitement in the Student Success Office.

Jenn Willoughby.

Jenn Willoughby

Associate Director of Integrated Communications

As the Associate Director of Integrated Communications, Jenn Willoughby oversees the enhancement of student engagement initiatives, communications strategies, and the positioning of the SSO on campus.


Cyntia Bratan

International Student Experience Special Projects Coordinator

As the International Student Experience Special Projects Coordinator, Cyntia Bratan supports several critical projects and the development of new projects including the implementation of the University of Waterloo’s international student readiness and arrival plan. 

Chérisse Mike

Chérisse Mike

International Student Experience Coordinator

As the International Student Experience Coordinator, Chérisse Mike creates programming specifically for international students to help them make the most of their Canadian university experience.

Amelia Burton

International Student Experience Manager

As the International Student Experience Manager, Amelia Burton and her team support the academic and personal success of international students through strategic initiatives.

Karry Kwan

Karry Kwan

International Student Programs Specialist

As the International Student Programs Specialist, Karry Kwan oversees a team of coordinators who work on programming for new and current international students transitioning to the University of Waterloo. Her focus is on increasing engagement across all international student experience programs through ongoing program measurement and evalua

Kelvin Tran

Kelvin Tran

New Student Transition, Project Coordinator

As the New Student Transition Project Coordinator, Kelvin Tran supports the New Student Transition Team in coordinating pre-arrival programming to help incoming students navigate their transition into their first year of studies at the University of Waterloo.

Andrea Santi

Faculty Relations Manager

As Faculty Relations Manager, Andrea Santi collaborates and connects with the Faculties of Arts and Health to support enhanced student success at Waterloo. 

Johnny Tao

Johnny Tao

Assistant Coordinator, International Student Experience

As the Assistant Coordinator for International Student Experience, Johnny supports the International Student Experience team in coordinating new student transition programming for incoming international students and programs focused on community building and cross-cultural experiences within the current international student population.

Portrait of Leslie Harber

Leslie Harber

Orientation Assistant Coordinator

As the Orientation Assistant Coordinator, Leslie Harber works with the New Student Transition Team to assist with the administration and coordination of orientation programming and the hiring of student volunteers involved in Orientation. 

Black and white portrait of Jazz Fitzgerald

Jazz Fitzgerald

Student Equity Specialist

As the Student Equity Specialist, Jazz Fitzgerald works collaboratively and strategically with staff across the SSO to determine how existing services and programs can better serve the unique needs of equity deserving students.

Hope Salese

Global Learning Programs Coordinator

As the Global Learning Programs Coordinator at the Student Success Office, Hope Salese assists with both inbound and outbound exchanges as well as the Global Experience Certificate (GEC).


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