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Study skills workshops

We offer a variety of workshops that can help you improve your study skills. All of our workshops are activity based and give you the opportunity to participate and learn through practice. 

Registration for our workshops opens on LEADS during the first week of classes. 


Are you living in Waterloo Residences?

Check out the Maximize Potential certificate – many of these workshops are happening right in your residence as part of this program.

Get This Term Started!

Do you need help getting started or planning how to use your time effectively? In this workshop you will learn how to map out your important dates, build a weekly or daily schedule and create a plan for this term that will work for you.

Note Taking 

Learn how to implement effective note taking strategies. 

Troubleshooting Your Time Management

Are you tired of trying new time management strategies at the beginning of the semester, just to fall back into your old habits? In this workshop we will discuss how to break your old habits and how you may be sabotaging your time management efforts. We will also teach you a few realistic time management strategies and ways of maintaining them throughout your entire semester.

Study Strategies

Have you ever written a test or exam and are then surprised at the mark you received? Do you try and memorize the material for your courses and not really learn it? In this workshop we will teach you how to approach reviewing and test taking more effectively and we will discuss a variety of test formats as well as different strategies for learning and reviewing.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Test Preparation and Test Anxiety

Do you find yourself panicking the night before an exam? Do you find that you forget everything you have studied when you start an exam? This workshop can help you establish a good test taking routine and reduce your test anxiety. We will also discuss how to create a final review and how to cram effectively.

Organize Your Time for Midterms and Exams

Do you have difficulty planning ahead for your exams?  Do you find that you study really well for your first exam and the others do not get enough attention? In this workshop you will learn how to make sufficient time to study for all of your exams and how to create your own organizational study plan.

Want to request a special workshop?

If you're interested in a special workshop for your group, there are two ways to connect with us: