You can expand your worldview and knowledge of global issues by earning a Global Experience Certificate (GEC). This will allow you to:

  • Get recognition for your experience studying or working abroad
  • Develop skills that will help you stand out to employers
  • Experience intercultural immersion and get a competitive international edge
  • Gain an understanding of the interconnectedness of systems and practices in local/global contexts
  • Enhance your cross-cultural interactions and develop your language skills

Position yourself as a future leader and give yourself a competitive advantage. Learn the program requirements, application process, and what a great experience it can be from other Waterloo students.

Hannah Goodings."Working towards my GEC allowed me to take a Peace and Conflict course that I would not have taken otherwise. I felt that I learned a lot about styles of confrontation and how to identify the best way to approach and solve a situation by considering the other person's perspective." - Hannah

Liam in Rome."I heard about the GEC after I decided to participate in the Math in Europe program. I realized it would be a perfect fit for me since I was already participating in an international experience, taking French language courses, and am interested in seeing the world from the perspective of other cultures. The GEC is what enticed me to take the global courses and participate in a cross-cultural volunteer experience. This certificate should give me a competitive advantage when searching for future employment by showing my capacity to be a global citizen and a competent leader." - Liam

Regan."By obtaining a GEC, I feel as though I have gained an appreciation for the intricacies of language acquisition and cultural awareness. This has helped me be more aware of myself and how my language and actions affect those around me. In terms of my academics, I have been inspired to explore the study of linguistics. In my professional life, I feel as though more doors have been opened thanks to the knowledge I gained by participating in the program." - Regan

Su Jin Kim hiking in Switzerland.

"I wanted to gain some international experience, and the GEC provided a comprehensive package! I improved my French, studied French culture and made international friends though the SHADOW Program. All of these helped me immensely when I was in Europe. My Global Studies Course put my international experience into context." - Su Jin

Laszlo beside the mountains. "One beautiful advantage of living in Canada is that we are constantly exposed to various cultures and nationalities from around the world. I believe the more we learn from each other, the better we can work together. This is why I felt the GEC would be an important part of my education at Waterloo. Having the opportunity to travel somewhere else and immerse oneself in the local culture is a life experience like no other!" - Laszlo

Marissa."My GEC experiences helped me grow because I was exposed to so many different cultures and allowed myself to be more open to them. Being surrounded by results-driven people in Boston helped me become stronger academically and I learned how to present myself as a better professional in the workplace." - Marissa