Earn a Global Experience Certificate

Interested in a life changing international study term, work term or volunteer experience? As you plan for those incredible adventures, earn a Global Experience Certificate (GEC) too and showcase your cross-cultural achievements to prospective employers. Find out how you can submit a GEC application

GEC student spotlights

Learn what a great experience it can be from other Waterloo students.

Cindy skydiving. "The GEC allows me to develop skills, gives me perspective and a sense of accomplishment, and prepares me for challenging situations. It has also helped fuel my passion for travelling and given me hands-on experiences that reflect my goal of becoming a doctor. I love working towards a tangible item that will showcase my non-academic achievements and ability to be a well-rounded student." - Cindy

Tommi posing during a hike. "Geography is the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects… and is affected by these. It’s a study of the world and how it works. The GEC has helped me focus on becoming a true geographer, exploring the world and utilizing what I have learned in the classroom and in the field." - Tommi

Su Jin Kim hiking in Switzerland.

"I wanted to gain some international experience, and the GEC provided a comprehensive package! I improved my French, studied French culture and made international friends though the Shadow Program. All of these helped me immensely when I was in Europe. My Global Studies Course put my international experience into context." - Su Jin

Jenna poses with children she volunteered with.

"I have always had a passion for travelling and learning about other cultures. The GEC gave me a chance to gain a better world perspective while giving me hands on learning experience that suited my interests, and compliments my degree." - Jenna

Katie posing beside the French coast."I was fascinated by the idea of a certificate that was able to summarize and showcase the work I had been doing outside of my degree. I have always been interested in different aspects of language, culture, and the world; and the GEC will now be able to effectively represent this for me in the future!" - Katie