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Teaching Fellows - Applied Health Sciences

Zara Rafferty, Chris Vigna and Elena Neiterman

Applied Health Sciences Teaching Fellows Zara Rafferty, Chris Vigna and Elena Neiterman


The Teaching Fellow position was established by the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (AHS) as part of a larger university-wide effort to raise the profile of teaching and learning, and to support and encourage teaching excellence. Each academic unit within the Faculty has appointed a Teaching Fellow who works collaboratively on the AHS Teaching Fellows Team.

The current goals of the Teaching Fellows are:

  • to raise the profile of teaching and learning in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences,
  • to develop a deeper understanding of the teaching needs and experiences of faculty members,
  • to mobilize and disseminate teaching development resources,
  • to develop a framework for supporting the work of sessional instructors and new faculty,
  • to explore innovative and effective ways to evaluate teaching within AHS,
  • to support faculty- and department-level efforts to facilitate teaching assistant (TA) success, and
  • to encourage and celebrate teaching excellence.

The AHS Teaching Fellows will act as knowledge brokers by working closely with the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) to share expertise and resources with AHS instructors. Additionally, they will develop and foster a community of practice where faculty can share knowledge and experiences to enhance teaching success.

To connect with a Teaching Fellow, please contact Elena Neiterman (SPHHS), Zara Rafferty (REC), or Chris Vigna (KIN).


Congratulations to Wade Wilson (Kinesiology) and Nicole Westlund Stewart (Writing and Communication Centre) who received a LITE Seed Grant for their project, “Exploring the Impact of a Mindfulness Meditation Intervention on First Year Students’ Writing Self-Efficacy, Apprehension, Anxiety, and Performance.” For more information about LITE Grant funding, please visit the Centre for Teaching Excellence website.


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