Convocation Fall 2012

Graduates on convocation

PhD graduates Dominique Brunet and Dhanaraja Kasinathan with Sue Ann Campbell (Chair) and Kirsten Morris (Associate Chair, Graduate Studies)

At the 2012 Fall Convocation the following graduate degrees
were awarded to Applied Math students.


  • Jared Penney ("A Computational Study of Pressure Driven Flow in  Waste Rock Piles")
  • Zhaoxin Wan ("Flocking for Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems")


  • Yasunori Aoki ("Study of Singular Capillary Surfaces and Development of Cluster Newton Method")
  • Dominique Brunet ("A Study of the Similarity Image Quality Measure with Applications to Image Processing")
  • Christopher Ferrie ("Some Theory and Applications of Probability in Quantum Mechanics")
  • Dhanaraja Kasinathan ("H-Infinity Optimal Actuator Location")
  • Easwar Magesan ("Characterizing Noise in Quantum Information Processing")