Graduate Student Seminar | Dorsa Mohammadrezaei, Seminar 3: Bioprinting and its recent advances in oncology and medicine

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST (GMT -05:00)

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Dorsa Mohammadrezaei | University of Waterloo


Seminar 3: Bioprinting and its recent advances in oncology and medicine

Please note: this is part of a seminar series.


The tumour microenvironment is known for its complexities, both in terms of content and dynamics, which make it challenging to study. Despite the numerous benefits of existing traditional cancer models such as 2D cell culture methods and 3D cancer spheroids, they lack the capability to regulate the organization of various types of cells in a complicated 3D structure. 3D bioprinting provides an opportunity to develop high-resolution microstructures that simulate the tumour microenvironment's complex nature; and provides huge benefits for advancing in-vitro tumour models by allowing controlled deposition of various biomaterials, cells, and biomolecules in a predetermined structure. 3D bioprinted models can be employed as preclinical models for a wide range of research purposes in cancer studies and the therapeutic industry. These models enable the development of high-throughput drug screening systems, which can then be customized to individual patient requirements, thus further advancing the field of personalized anti-cancer medicine.