Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Seminar | Esteban Ferrer, New avenues in high order fluid dynamics

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)

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Professor Esteban Ferrer in Applied Mathematics at the School of Aeronautics (ETSIAE-UPM) in Madrid


New avenues in high order fluid dynamics


We present the latest developments of our High-Order Spectral Element Solver (HORSES3D), an open source high-order discontinuous Galerkin framework capable of solving a variety of flow applications, including compressible flows (with or without shocks), incompressible flows, various RANS and LES turbulence models, particle dynamics, multiphase flows, and aeroacoustics [1].

Recent developments allow us to simulate challenging multiphysics including turbulent flows, multiphase and moving bodies, using local p-adaptation and fast multigrid time advancement. In addition, we present recent work that couples Machine Learning techniques and high order simulations.

[1] E Ferrer, G Rubio, G Ntoukas, W Laskowski, O Mariño, S Colombo, A. Mateo-Gabín, H Narbona, F Manrique de Lara, D Huergo, J Manzanero, AM Rueda-Ramírez, DA Kopriva, E Valero, "HORSES3D: a high order discontinuous Galerkin solver for flow simulations and multi-physic applications",  Computer Physics Communications, Vol 287, 108700, 2023