2016 Waterloo Economics PhD Conference

Welcome to our inaugural Waterloo Economics PhD Conference!

The first Waterloo Economics PhD Conference ran very smoothly and was a great event. To see some photos of the event, click here. Stay tuned for the next PhD conference, which will be happening in Spring 2018. 

The purpose of the conference is to encourage networking among our current and future UW alumni students and to provide them with an opportunity to present their research and share advice and information on navigating a PhD in Economics. This is also an opportunity for our faculty to catch up with their former students on their PhD life after taking UW Economics courses.  

For any questions, please contact Prof Stéphanie Lluis at slluis@uwaterloo.ca or any members of the alumni relations committee organizing the event.

The alumni relations committee:
Tao Chen
Stéphanie Lluis
Olivia Mesta
Alain Nimubona
Kate Rybczynski

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Details on this conference and presentation guidelines can be found here: Waterloo Economics PhD Conference

Time Room Event Presenters Topic
9:45 DC 1301 Coffee & Timbits Margaret Insley Welcome
10:00 -
DC 1302 Paper Session A
Chair: John Burbidge          
P1: George Orlov (Western)
P2: Brad Minaker (McMaster)
P3: Tongtong Hao (Toronto)
P4: Jue Zhang (Waterloo)
Returns to Pre-Immigration Skills
Charitable Giving
Educational Mobility in China
Immigrant Labour Market Integration
12:00 -
DC 1301 Lunch
12:30 -
DC 1301 Poster Session

Stephanie Houle (McMaster)

Hang Gao (Waterloo)

Sara Aghakazemjourabbaf (Waterloo)

Jack Chen (Waterloo)

Sean Sexton (McMaster)

Sovereign Default and Tariff Choice

Pay, Promotion and Education in Ontario
Public Sector

Optimal Resource Extraction

Labour Market Outcomes of Former International Students

Predicting Future Income

1:30 -
DC 1302

Paper Session B
Chair: Phil Curry

P1: Wenya Wang (Western)
P2: Fred Liu (Western)
P3: Khuong Trong (McMaster)
P4: Mohamad Ghaziasgar (Waterloo)

Interest Rate and Firm Dynamics in China
Extreme Value Approach to Value Risk
Post-Secondary Education
Do the Rich Save More?

3:30 -
DC 1302 Panel Discussion
Chair: Ana Ferrer
2nd to 4th year students Navigating the PhD
George Orlov, Brad Minaker,
Tongtong Hao, Jue Zhang
4:30 -
DC 1302 Paper Session C
Chair: J-P Lam

P1: Shaun Shaikh (McMaster)
P2: Hongxiu Li (Waterloo)

Time to Visit GP after Cardiac Arrest
Innovation and Climate Change
5:30 DC 1302 Coffee & Timbits Kate Rybczynski

Closing Remarks