Honours BA Economics, Management Studies Minor, 2010

Tahira Nizari.I have always wanted to be a humanitarian worker, to serve and to contribute positively to rural communities or to work in areas relating to economic development. As an undergraduate, I was always mindful of my dream and I selected my courses accordingly. I tried to strengthen my research skills, gained some measure of expertise in economic theory, analytical techniques and history. In my fourth year at the University of Waterloo, I put my humanitarian focus on to my ECON 472, a required Honours Economics thesis. At first, I was afraid that I was not equipped nor knowledgeable enough to complete a thesis paper. However my ideas and methodology began to unfold as I progressed. For over four months, I worked intensely with professor Eva Lau to complete my graduating thesis on the theory and technique of Islamic microfinance. Upon graduation from Waterloo with a BA degree in Honours Economics, I thought the best way to realize my career goal might be to start working for a non-profit international organization such as the United Nations, or a government agency. I was quite elated when I was hired to work in an emergency operation for the United Nations upon my graduation in 2010. I was fortunate to also have the opportunities to work with several non-governmental organizations to help eradicate poverty through microfinance, education, community empowerment and helping some firms to put more emphasis on corporate social responsibility. Starting in the Fall of 2011, I will be pursuing a MSc degree in international development studies at the London School of Economics. I sincerely wish that with the help of your economics professors at Waterloo, like me, you too will realize your dream and unleash your potential.