Featured courses in labour economics

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ECON 351: Labour Economics

A study of the supply of labour by individuals (and unions) and the demand for labour by firms; topics include the labour market effects of social assistance, unemployment insurance and minimum wages, discrimination in the labour market, efficient wage contracts, the determinants of wage inflation and unemployment.

ECON 452: Topics in Labour Economics

The course presents an overview of the relevant theoretical and empirical research questions related to employment relationships (pay, mobility, workplace organization). The course will offer a combination of tools (theoretical or statistical) and applications of these tools to various topics. Each topic addresses research questions for which we will see the associated seminal papers and more recent papers providing the latest findings on the given topic. The findings may come from new theoretical arguments, data improvement and/or finer methodological tools, all offering a way to better address the question.

ECON 651: Labour Economics (graduate)

Labour market structure and operations. Theories of real wages, labour supply, employment-unemployment, and labour unions.