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BA (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid); MA, PhD (Boston University)

Areas of specialization: Labour economics; Education and household economics


Ana Ferrer is a professor at the University of Waterloo, the chair of the Canadian Labour Economics Forum (CLEF -, associated researcher at CReAM (Centre for Research and analysis of Migration), Research Fellow at the IZA (Institute of Labour Economics) and a member of the Children Migration Network at Princeton University. A graduate from Boston University, she moved to Canada to work at the University of British Columbia where she developed her research career. Focusing on labour markets, education, immigration and family economics, her work has been published in journals such as the Canadian Journal of Economics and the Journal of Human Resources. Her favourite activities are reading and travelling with her family.

Research Areas

Labour Markets; Education and Household Economics

Selected Publications

  • A. Ferrer and A. Adsera (2016) "The fertility of married immigrant women to Canada", International Migration Review, Volume 50, Issue 2, Pages: 475–505.
  • A. Ferrer and A. Adsera  (2016) “Occupational Skills and Labour Market Progression of Married Immigrant Women in Canada”, Labour Economics. Vol.39, pp.88-98.
  • A. Ferrer and Herb Emery (2015) “The Social Rate of Return to Investing in Character: An Economic Evaluation of Alberta's Immigrant Access Fund Small Loan Program” Journal of international Migration and Integration, vol.16(2), pp. 205-224
  • A. Ferrer and A. Adsera (2014) "Immigrants and Demography: Marriage, Divorce, and Fertility", (Handbook on the Economics of International Migration, Volume 1, edited by B. R. Chiswick and P. W. Miller for the “Handbooks in Economics Series”, Kenneth J. Arrow and Michael D. Intriligator eds., Elsevier B.V.
  • A. Ferrer and A. Adsera (2014). "The myth of immigrant women as secondary workers: Evidence from Canada", American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 104(3)
  • A. Ferrer, G. Picot, & C. Riddell (2014). "Canada's Immigration Policy: Recent changes and developments", International Migration Review, 48(3), 846-867. (Also published as CLSRN Working Paper no. 121 and IZA discussion paper #8682)
  • A. Ferrer and A. Adsera (2014). "Factors influencing the fertility choices of child immigrants in Canada", Population Studies, 68(1), 65-79
  • A. Ferrer and A. Menendez (2014). "The puzzling effect of delaying schooling on Canadian wages", Canadian Public Policy, 40(3)
  • A. Ferrer, A. Adsera & E. Sigle-Rushton,“Fertility Patterns of Child Migrants: Age at Migration and Ancestry in Comparative Perspective” (2012), Migrant Youth and Children of Migrants in a Globalized World, the Annals of the American Academic of Political Science, Sept 2012; 643(1), 160-189
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