Francisco M. Gonzalez


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Office: HH 130
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BA (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), PhD (Boston University) 

Areas of specialization: Macroeconomics; Economic development; Public economics

Research Interests

Social conflict, poverty, inequality


I grew up in Spain, where I graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid with a BA in economics. I received my Ph.D. from Boston University. Before joining the University of Waterloo, I taught at the University of British Columbia and at the University of Calgary.

Selected Publications

F.M. Gonzalez, I. Lazkano & S. Smulders "Intergenerational altruism with future bias'', Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming.

F.M. Gonzalez & J.F. Wen, "A theory of top income taxation and social insurance", Economic Journal, September 2015, pages 1474-1500.

F.M Gonzalez"The use of coercion in society: insecure property rights, conflict and economic backwardness", in Michelle Garfinkel and Stergios Skaperdas (editors), Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Peace and Conflict, Oxford University Press, 2012, chapter 26, pages 633-675.

F.M. Gonzalez & S. Shi, “An equilibrium theory of learning, search, and wages", Econometrica, March 2010, pages 509-537.

F.M. Gonzalez & H.M. Neary, "Prosperity without conflict", Journal of Public Economics, October 2008, pages 2170-2181.

F.M. Gonzalez, "Effective property rights, conflict and growth”, Journal of Economic Theory, November 2007, pages 127-139.

F.M. Gonzalez, "Insecure property and technological backwardness", Economic Journal, July 2005, pages 703-721.

P. Beaudry & F.M. Gonzalez, "An equilibrium analysis of information aggregation and fluctuations in markets with discrete decisions", Journal of Economic Theory, November 2003, pages 76-103.

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