Kathleen Rybczynski

Associate Professor

Kate Rybczynskikrybczynski@uwaterloo.ca
519-888-4567 x32146
Office: HH 210

CV: Kathleen Rybczynski

 Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS) (Georgetown University-School of Foreign Service); MA (Waterloo); PhD (Queen's)

Areas of specialization: Labour economics; Health economics; Economics of gender

Research interests

My research spans several topics. My PhD focused on gender differences in entry, earnings and duration in self-employment. I also developed a three state wage posting model to predict that if credit constraints are binding for women but not men, the subsequent gender gap in expected self-employment returns could generate a gender gap in wages. More recently I have investigated whether minimum wage regulation affects specific subgroups of the population more than others (i.e. Women versus Men, Immigrant versus Native Born). And in a SSHRC funded project (with Lori Curtis), I explore whether differences in community level market composition are correlated with differences in individual self-reported health. Results indicate that individuals living in communities with proportionately more small businesses have a higher probability of reporting excellent health.


With the intent of becoming a politician and making the world a more peaceful place, I began my studies at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. However, during a course on Economics of the Middle East, I decided that the most important factor in domestic and international relations is economics, and so I set out to complete an MA and later a PhD in the subject. Switching from Trade to Resource to Labour studies, I found that I love both theory and applied aspects of economics. 

My current research interests are broad, spanning topics in Labour, Well-being, and Health, as well as Risk Aversion and Market Composition.  I also enjoy Macroeconomics, and in particular, Search and Matching Theory.

On a personal note: No, I am not related to Tadeusz Rybczynski!

Selected publications

Please refer to my CV for a full listing of publications.

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