Stéphanie Lluis

Associate Professor

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Office: HH 217
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CV: Stéphanie Lluis

MSc (Mathématiques Appliquées et Sc. Sociales, Univ. Paris 7 et Panthéon-Sorbonne, France) and MSc Economics (Université de Montréal); PhD Economics (Université de Montréal)

Areas of specialization: Labour economics; Personnel economics; Applied econometrics

Research interests

I am interested in the employer-employee relationship, what determines a worker’s decision to choose a given job and career and a firm’s decision to organize and reward work. I am also interested in understanding how the unemployment insurance system affects individuals’ post-unemployment outcomes (type of job, pay and benefits). My work builds on empirically estimating theoretical predictions about firms’ organizational choices and workers’ occupational mobility decisions using data from Canada, the U.S. and Germany. The main results show substantial differences between men and women’s choices and outcomes and between young and old firms, and firms of different sizes.


While my family name is originally from Catalonia, I was born in France. I completed my Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the University Paris VII and Paris I, studying Mathematics and its application to different Social Sciences. I chose to further study economics because I find the idea of applying rigorous tools and approaches to subjects (individuals, firms or governments) and contexts affected by uncertainty challenging and fascinating. I developed an interest in the field of labour economics in France when at some point, all of my family members ended up unemployed and not so unhappy about it.

I did my PhD in Canada, at the University of Montreal and also visiting the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. I also spent some time in Barcelona and worked in the U.S. at the University of Minnesota for 5 years before joining the University of Waterloo. Experiencing multiple changes of address, some of my work reflects my vested interest in understanding individuals' mobility decisions.

Selected publications

  • Lluis, Stéphanie and Jean Marie Abraham, “The Wage-Health Insurance Tradeoff and Worker Selection: Evidence from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey 1997 to 2006”, Industrial Relations, forthcoming.
  • Ben-Ner, Avner, Fanmin Kong, and Lluis, Stéphanie, "Uncertainty, Task Environment, and Organization Design: An Empirical Investigation", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol 82, pp. 281-313, 2012.
  • Ben-Ner, Avner and Lluis, Stéphanie, "Learning, What and How? An Empirical Study of Adjustments in Organizational Structure", Industrial Relations, vol 50, Issue 1, 76-108, 2011.
  • Lluis, Stéphanie, "The Structure of Wages by Firm Size: Evidence from Canada and the US", LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, vol 23(2):283-317, 2009.
  • Ferrer, Ana and Lluis, Stéphanie, "Should Workers Care about Firm Size?", Industrial and Labor Relations Review, vol 62(1):104-124, 2008.
  • Lluis, Stéphanie, "Comparative Advantage and Learning in Wage Dynamics and Intrafirm Mobility: Evidence from Germany", Journal of Labor Economics, vol 23(5): 725-767, 2005.