Anindya Sen

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Office: HH 206

CV: Anindya Sen

BA (Delhi); MA (Concordia); PhD (Toronto)

Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award

Areas of specialization: Pricing and firm strategy in imperfectly competitive markets such as retail gasoline; Deregulation of retail alcohol and marijuana; Smoking and cigarette taxes;  Poverty and the minimum wage; Government policy in electricity markets; Border effects and trade flows

Research interests

I am deeply interested in understanding the effects of government intervention and policy on the efficiency of markets and overall societal welfare. I have attempted to evaluate the effects of market structure and competition on retail prices in the gasoline and electricity markets. My published research has also focused on assessing the empirical impacts of a wide variety of policies, such as stricter impaired driving laws, mandatory seatbelt legislation, cigarette taxes, and the minimum wage. I am currently studying the effects of deregulating retail alcohol and marijuana markets. 

I believe strongly in the necessity of sharing and communicating research findings with policymakers and the public. Here are some examples of op-eds I have written for different media.   

“Evidence shows immigrants will get fewer jobs as Ontario ratchets up minimum wage to $15” commentary published by the Financial Post and available at this link.

“Ontario makes a hash of marijuana retail distribution”, with Rosalie Wyonch, published by the Globe and Mail and available at this link

“Ottawa, provinces must not let marijuana tax debate overshadow policy priorities”, with Rosalie Wyonch, published by the Globe and Mail and available at this link.

 “Federal pot report still leaves a lot of haze in the air”, commentary published by the Financial Post and available at this link

‘Deep-6 the High-5 Ontario electricity program’, by Ben Dachis and Anindya Sen, published by the Financial Post, July 24, 2015, available at this link. 

‘Changes to Beer Store won't help consumers’, by Anindya Sen, published by the Toronto Star,  Wed Apr 22 2015, available at this link

‘Time for Queen’s Park to open up beer and wine sales’, by Paul Masson and Anindya Sen, published by The Toronto Star, Wed Aug 20 2014, available at this link. 


I was born in Saskatoon and grew up in Calgary and Montreal. However, I spent my teens and young adult life in Nigeria and India. As a result I was exposed to rather extreme differences in economic conditions and material comforts. I became interested in why people in prosperous countries like Canada could obtain their groceries and household needs from large and clean stores while individuals in less developed countries, had to access tumultuous (and vibrant) bazaars. The acute and chronic poverty I also encountered impacted me, and I began to wonder on what a government could and should do in terms of policy intervention. I saw economics as a natural outlet to answer these questions.

Selected publications

  • Sen A, Stevens NT, Tran NK, Agarwal RR, Zhang Q, Dubin JA. “Forecasting daily COVID-19 cases with gradient boosted regression trees and other methods: evidence from U.S. cities.Frontiers of Public Health. 2023 11;11:1259410. 

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