Francisco M. Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez
Office: HH 130
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CV: Francisco Gonzalez

BA (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), PhD (Boston University) 

Areas of specialization: Macroeconomics; Economic development; Public economics

Research Interests

Social conflict, poverty, inequality


I grew up in Spain, where I graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid with a BA in economics. I received my Ph.D. from Boston University. Before joining the University of Waterloo, I taught at the University of British Columbia and at the University of Calgary.

Selected Publications

F.M. Gonzalez, I. Lazkano & S. Smulders "Intergenerational altruism with future bias'', Journal of Economic Theory, November 2018, pages 436-454.

F.M. Gonzalez & S. Shi, “An equilibrium theory of learning, search, and wages", Econometrica, March 2010, pages 509-537.

F.M. Gonzalez & H.M. Neary, "Prosperity without conflict", Journal of Public Economics, October 2008, pages 2170-2181.

F.M. Gonzalez, "Effective property rights, conflict and growth”, Journal of Economic Theory, November 2007, pages 127-139.

P. Beaudry & F.M. Gonzalez, "An equilibrium analysis of information aggregation and fluctuations in markets with discrete decisions", Journal of Economic Theory, November 2003, pages 76-103.