Geoff Malleck

Continuing Lecturer
Geoff Malleck
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CV: Geoff Malleck

Executive MBA (Queen's)

Areas of specialization: Marketing; Consumer economics; Entrepreneurship

How do you see your role as a lecturer at Waterloo?

My role as a lecturer is significant in that I have the privilege of influencing our future by equipping our students with the knowledge to succeed and by challenging them to make a difference.  I apply the principles of transformational leadership in the classroom.  This means treating each student individually and providing vigorous intellectual stimulation through practice.  It also means not accepting but challenging the status quo and engendering faith, trust and respect.

As an instructor my responsibilities are to stretch the mind, raise confidence and retain humility.  I also help students to hone skills associated with problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution.  

What are your research or special interests?

Of great interest to me is working with aspiring students, especially those attempting to start a business or a social enterprise.  

I am a strong advocate for economic and social prosperity in Canada and continue to work to support professionals in economic development.  
Family enterprise remains a passion. Part of my past work experience is in family enterprise.  My thesis focused on the relationship between family and family business.

Strategy remains at the core of all organizations.  Working with firms in a variety of sectors allows me to bring these real cases into the classroom.

What impression do you receive from Waterloo students?

Waterloo students continue to WOW me.  They bring diversity, add to the unique UW culture, have a strong work ethic and are connected to our global community. 

The spirit of ‘can do’ resonates in each student irrespective of faculty. I see young champions who are much more than students.  While busy maintaining their responsibilities in the classroom, many are investing in a better tomorrow.  I am excited to share the classroom with these future leaders.