MME UG Wellness Representative Program

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The goal of the Wellness Rep initiative is to help monitor and enhance the well-being of Mechanical and Mechatronics Undergraduate Engineering students in an organic, peer-supported manner. This is done by championing wellness initiatives and events, promoting wellness strategies to support individual and community well-being, facilitating presentations and workshops, serving on committees and representing MME Wellness, and more! More details regarding the role of a wellness rep, is listed below!

  • MME UG Wellness Representative Application – Elections for these roles will take place during your Class Rep elections process. Watch your emails for updates!


There will be two main streams of UG Wellness Reps: front-facing and back-end (with a 'combo' profile for those interested in both aspects).

The 'front-facing' wellness reps will be more interpersonal focused, supporting tasks that involve person-to-person communication and support skills. Some of the tasks that front-facing UG wellness reps would complete include; developing/presenting on wellness topics/themes, facilitating/hosting wellness events, supporting peers through referrals and consults, support with deescalating crises, reinforcing interpersonal communication skills, and more! As this is still a pilot program, we'll likely modify aspects of this role to best fit the needs of the community and interests of the applicant. 

The 'back-end' wellness reps include a more administrative, problem solving focus, and support ENGWellness, other wellness reps, and Student Wellness Coordinators from 'behind the scenes'. Some of the tasks that back-end UG wellness reps would complete include; serving on department/faculty committees, surveying efforts and data collection/analysis, wellness event planning, creating self-paced wellness learn modules, developing proposals for executive consideration, logistical support for Student Wellness Coordinators, and more! As this is still a pilot program, we'll likely modify aspects of this role to best fit the needs of the community and interests of the applicant. 

Although there are two primary streams of wellness reps, there is a large amount of flexibility for those who wish to be involved in aspects captured in both roles. For those who wish to begin in a more back-end role and eventually work your way to a front-facing role, there will be training and coaching opportunities to help you do so! The two streams are by no means the only way that you can become a part of the wellness reps team! If you're interested in participating in an entirely different way, please do connect with us! 

Training available for specializations

More details will be available. Stay tuned!

Generally, what would the role include?

As a UG Wellness Rep, you would help the ENGWellness team by keeping us informed with what is going on in your program/cohort, as well as helping us run programs and initiatives to better support you and your peers. Peers could come to you for support and direction to any necessary resources, or with recommendations for events and initiatives they would like to see more of. Being current students themselves, wellness reps are well positioned to help direct wellness-related efforts in MME to ensure that we're providing the best possible experience and support for our beloved communities. 

Wellness Reps would work directly with the Student Wellness Coordinator in MME (Sam Vandekerckhove), our ENGWellness co-op students (Ambassadors), and possibly other Wellness Reps and Wellness Coordinators in other departments. The team is expanding each term!

Primary Duties

As a UG Wellness Rep, you can expect to:

  1. Serve as an advocate for wellness in the Faculty of Engineering and point of contact for students looking to access wellness-related support and resources.
  2. Work with student-directed teams to help raise awareness and educate on student wellness issues.
  3. Facilitate wellness-related events and initiatives in your department and the Faculty of Engineering.
  4. Serve as a positive role model for student wellness at UW!

Time Commitments

Time commitments are flexible! We know that Engineering students are busy, and so, scheduling will be based on your schedule! It will be determined in advance with the Student Wellness Coordinator for your department. Ongoing, check-in meetings with the Student Wellness Coordinator and other Wellness Reps may be required on an approximately bi-weekly/monthly basis. Meeting frequency will be determined during the initial team meetings.

Desired Skills and Experience

We are looking for student champions who demonstrate an interest in learning about physical/mental health and well-being! It would help to have experience with roles involving social interactions with others, a willingness to learn, and a keen interest in community building, enhancing sense of belonging, and overall student well-being! We welcome applications from all community members regardless of education or experience. Diversity of background, experience, knowledge, and thought is what makes our community whole!

Benefits of Participating

Wellness Reps will be provided opportunities to be trained in relevant health and wellness topics and will be expected to learn and practice skills as a peer helper and a community leader. Some of these topics include sexual health, healthy relationships, consent, sexual assault, mental/physical health, academic supports/resources, supporting students in distress, and suicide prevention.

Skills strengthened may include active listening, interpersonal communication, boundary setting, professional vs. personal interactions, client service, data analysis, presentation delivery, and more!

Above all else, you will be helping your friends and peers in having a positive experience at university!

Contact Information for Questions/Concerns

Please send any questions, concerns, or inquiries to Sam Vandekerckhove (Sam, MME Wellness Coordinator). We will be in touch with you as soon as we are available!

Thanks again for your interest in becoming a Wellness Rep in the MME department at the University of Waterloo!