Shaping our Sustainable Future

For over 40 years the Faculty of Environment has been dedicated to having a positive impact locally and globally. With interdisciplinary programs and researchers we make meaningful change happen in the classroom, the office, and in communities around the world. Our vision is to use our unique position as a leading teaching and research institute for the environment to create sustainable solutions needed to address the complex challenges facing our world.

  1. Mar. 30, 2017Co-op student of the year rewarded for taking the initiativeYoung woman with blonde hair and glasses smiles standing next to slate wall

    By Farah Hassan, Communications & Social Media Coordinator, Faculty of Environment

  2. Mar. 13, 2017In the media: Nancy Worth on young Torontonians living with their parentsENV in the media icon

    Toronto's hot housing market has more young adults living at home with their parents. Geography and Environmental Management professor Nancy Worth spoke with the New York Times on the trend that shows 56.5 percent of people in their 20s (PDF) in the Toronto area still live with their parents, compared with 42 percent nationwide. Professor Worth said, despite negative stereotypes of lazy millennials free-loading in their parents' basements, many of these educated young professionals are actually making smart, strategic choices. 

  3. Mar. 9, 2017Donors and students recognized at Inaugural Awards Banquetyellow flowers with people at tables in the background

    “I was going to welcome you on behalf of the Faculty,“ began Dean Jean Andrey, addressing the students, alumni, faculty, staff and donors assembled in Fed Hall’s beautiful dining room last night. “But then I realized, you ARE the faculty.” So commenced the inaugural Faculty of Environment Awards Banquet.

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