David Porreca elected FAUW president

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

David Porreca has been elected FAUW president for 2023-2025.

FAUW thanks both candidates, David Porreca and Vershawn Young, for running in the first contested election for FAUW president in many years! And thank you to the 58% of FAUW members who voted in the election.

David's term starts July 1, 2023. In the meantime, you can get to know David through his candidate's statement, if you haven't read it already:

David's candidate statement

"I bring to the table two qualities that I believe the Association needs at the moment: experience (I was FAUW President for three years, 2012-2015), and a recognized capacity for listening, bridge-building, and forming productive relationships, first within FAUW itself, with senior administrators, and within the broader UW community. Specific burning issues, including the status of lecturers and FAUW internal governance, are in the spotlight at the moment. Resolving these, and restoring a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with the university’s administration, will receive the bulk of my energies.

"I offer a long-standing commitment to our institution. Since 1993, I’ve been an undergraduate student (now alumnus), held various Library staff positions, and have been a faculty member since 2003 (tenured in 2008). I’ve sat on Senate, the Faculty Relations Committee, and the Board of Governors, and I’m currently the Chair of my Department (Classical Studies), a position from which I would need to resign if I were to be elected. I offer my experience and integrity that will be beneficial in terms of recognizing (and helping the administration recognize) that what is good for faculty is good for the University as a whole.

"The interests of the FAUW membership as a whole are of primary concern to me, in particular the terms and conditions of employment of ALL faculty members. We are the main points of contact between students and the institution. Ensuring that faculty members’ working conditions are optimal yields a positive student experience, which in turn benefits the institution at all levels."