FAUW statement on COVID-19 requirements for spring 2022

Monday, March 21, 2022

We expect to hear from the University very soon about the plans for spring term. FAUW has urged the administration to maintain both the vaccine and mask requirements for the spring term. Levels of COVID-19 detected in wastewater are still high across the region, and vaccines and masks are both still important measures for protecting all members of the University of Waterloo, and especially those with underlying health concerns.

In a recent poll, FAUW members showed overwhelming support for the University to uphold the vaccination requirement into the spring term: Of 605 faculty members who responded (45% of all faculty represented by FAUW), 72% were in favour of the requirement remaining in place next term, with some members noting that they’d like to see it updated to include third doses. Only 20% of respondents said they did not want the requirement to continue; 9% said that they had no preference.

Support was lower for continuing the current masking requirements on campus, with 54% of respondents in favour, 31% opposed, and 15% having no preference.

If one or both mandates are lifted, the University must provide accommodations for employees who are especially vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 and employees living with or caring for those especially vulnerable. Faculty members who are navigating the accommodation process can contact the Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee for support.

Whenever the mask mandate is eventually lifted, FAUW supports anyone who continues to wear a mask to protect themselves and others. We call on the University to support and encourage all members of the UWaterloo community to continue to wear masks on campus, and to take measures to ensure no one is unfairly treated or evaluated for doing so.