Lecturers Committee Terms of Reference

Effective February 2017.

The Lecturers Committee is a committee of the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo. The Lecturers Committee reports to the FAUW Board.

Members will meet as a committee once per month from September through June.

The committee may strike sub-committees that have specific directives. All sub-committees will report and be responsible to the members of the Lecturers Committee.


The Lecturers Committee assists the FAUW Board by providing input on matters pertaining to all aspects of the working conditions of lecturers, and by communicating issues raised by lecturers to the Board.

Committee structure

  • The committee should have a minimum of six members.
  • Ideally, the committee will consist of:
    • at least one lecturer from each Faculty;
    • two lecturers from each of the Faculties of Engineering, Mathematics, and Arts; and
    • two representatives of the FAUW Board, at least one of whom is not a lecturer.
  • Terms are two years, renewable once. Committee members should declare their interest in renewing their term by the April meeting of their second year.
  • A FAUW staff member will serve as the secretary.
  • Recognizing that the vitality and effectiveness of the committee depends on the new ideas and enthusiasm that come with new members, the committee will encourage some turnover in membership each year.

Selection of the Chair

  • The chair will be selected by and from the lecturers on the committee at the April meeting, and will serve a two-year term as chair, and a one-year term as past chair.
  • The chair may serve for one subsequent two-year term, at the discretion of the committee members.
  • In the event that the past chair is not able to serve, the committee may appoint another committee member to serve in this position.
  • The transition to chair and past chair will occur July 1.

Member recruitment and selection

  • A call for members will normally be posted by May 1 with a submission deadline no later than June 1, or at least seven calendar days prior to selecting new members.
  • The committee will select new members from among the applicants at the June meeting of each year.
  • The committee will advertise vacancies widely, and will strive to obtain candidates who are representative of the diversity of lecturers on campus.


  • In the event that a member leaves the committee prior to the end of their term, the committee will appoint a mid-term replacement or leave the vacancy until the next call for members.

Duties of the officers

Chair: The chair will chair the meetings and represent the committee at the University and in the broader community. If not an elected director, the chair will serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the FAUW Board. The chair will be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs of the committee and its sub-committees.

Past chair: The past chair will fulfill the duties of the chair in their absence and serve to provide institutional knowledge as requested.