The tenure timeline (text version)

Six-year tenure clock

Year Example date Stage/process
1 July 1, 2020 Start of your first probationary term
2 July 1, 2021 Start of year two
2 June 2022 Talk to your chair about reappointment
3 July 1, 2022 Start of year three; reappointment process
4 July 1, 2023 Start of your second probationary term/year four
4 June 1, 2023 Option A: Notify chair by June 1, 2024 to apply in your fifth year. Package due July 1.
5 July 1, 2024 Start of year five
5 June 1, 2025 Option B: Notify chair by June 1, 2025 to apply in your sixth year. Package due July 1.
6 July 1, 2025 Start of year six

Tenure process timeline

May 1 Department Tenure & Promotion Committee (DTPC) and Faculty Tenure & Promotion Committee (FTPC) are constituted.
June 1 Your notice of intent to apply is due to your chair/director.
July 1 Your candidate's brief is due, and the names of at least three arms-length external referees.
July–August DTPC meets and chooses referees.
Oct–Dec DTPC meets and considers case.
Dec-Jan FTPC meets and considers case.
February University Tenure & Promotion Committee meets and considers case.
March Decision from the University president.
April–June Tribunal meets, if necessary.