Just Relationships for Research Panel

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)

We are increasingly asked to envision and implement respectful and non-extractive research involving marginalized communities. But we are rarely challenged to bring those principles to bear in our own research groups, where asymmetries of institutional power between colleagues, students, and staff are normalized. This interdisciplinary panel will discuss how to foster and maintain just relationships among researchers, with a focus on the principles and practices animating non-extractive student-supervisor relationships. By sharing their own knowledge and experience cultivating and leading non-oppressive research groups, as well as University of Waterloo guidelines for student supervision, the panelists will encourage conversations about what constitutes just research relationships within and across disciplinary and institutional contexts.

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About the Speakers:

Dr. Kishonna Gray

Dr. Kishonna Gray is an Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, & Digital Studies and Africana Studies at the University of Kentucky. She is also a faculty associate at the Berkman-Klein Center at Harvard University.

Dr Gray is the author or co-editor of numerous books and articles including her foundational 2014 work Race, Gender, & Deviance in Xbox Live: Theoretical Perspectives from the Virtual Margins, 2018’s edited collections Woke Gaming and Feminism in Play (from our very own University of Washington press) and most recently Intersectional Tech: Black Users in Digital Gaming. She also has a book currently under contract with NYU Press entitled Black Game Studies.

She’s a highly sought after speaker and regularly addresses both academic and industry audiences such as at the Game Developers Conference. She is the winner of a number of awards over the years including The Evelyn Gilbert Unsung Hero Award and the Black in Gaming Foundation's Educator Award.

Dr. Liz Nilsen 

For the past three years, Dr. Liz Nilsen has been the Assistant Vice-President of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA, Interim) at the University of Waterloo. In this role, Dr. Nilsen is a part of the academic leadership team in GSPA that supports graduate education and community, as well as grad-related initiatives that align with the University's strategic planning (e.g., building work-integrated opportunities). She collaborates with, and provide consult to, Faculties and other academic support units, promoting fair application of University guidelines. As well, she is involved in ongoing processes within GSPA, such as coordinating the graduate petition process, adjudicating graduate scholarships, and enhancing graduate students’ experiences. Outside this administrative role, Dr. Nilsen is a Professor within the Department of Psychology and, with a team of graduate students, conduct research on children and adolescents’ socio-cognitive development (Cognitive Development Lab). As a registered clinical psychologist, Dr. Nilsen is a clinical supervisor for graduate students’ assessment and treatment activities through the Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment

Dr. Rhona Hanning

Rhona Hanning PhD, FDC is a Professor in the School of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Health, University of Waterloo (UW) and Fellow of Dietitians of Canada. Rhona’s research involves evaluation of school, community and policy-based interventions that support healthy eating for Canadian youth, especially those living in First Nation communities.  Her current teaching and research activity explores decolonizing education and healthcare practices. A recipient of a UW Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision and former Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Rhona counts mentorship as her career highlight.