Watch now: GRADflix videos by GI members about AI and VR research goals

Friday, January 24, 2020

GI members Marvin Pafla, Systems Design Engineering Master's student, and Samira Mehrabi, Kinesiology PhD student, were finalists in the 2020 GRADflix competition, hosted by the office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.

Pafla presented a video, entitled "Explainable AI ... and cats", that introduced viewers to his research on how to better understand the behavior of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Specifically, he developed a prototype that lets users trace back AI output to the original inputs in order to generate insights into the inner workings of the AI. Pafla plans to evaluate his design in a user-study.

Mehrabi presented a video entitled "Virtual Reality Exergames to Promote Physical and Mental Well-Being in Dementia." In the video, Mehrabi explains how she and her team are designing and developing exergames in Virtual Reality (VR) to increase physical activity and improve quality of life in people living with dementia. According to Mehrabi, what makes her research particularly unique is that she and her team work directly with the stakeholders to iterate the development of the VR exergames and make them suitable and engaging.

GRADFlix is an excellent opportunity for graduate students to challenge themselves by articulating their research in on 60 seconds. Watch the videos below:

"Explainable AI ... and cats", by Marvin Pafla

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"Virtual Reality Exergames to Promote Physical and Mental Well-Being in Dementia", by Samira Mehrabi

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