Students studying and chatting around table.


A healthier world


The Faculty promotes and protects health and well-being through excellence in education and research, and through advocacy, collaboration and partnerships.

Our core values


As a Faculty, we strive to embrace diverse perspectives, abilities, approaches and experiences in building an inclusive community for education and research.  We are committed to recognizing and respecting lived experiences, historic and contemporary, especially relating to Indigenous persons, while eliminating barriers for all in our greater community.


We build meaningful and impactful relationships and collaborations in our Faculty, on our campus and beyond.  We foster a sense of belonging as we support our community’s well-being, growth and success.

Work-life balance

We respect and strive to support our students, staff and faculty’s engagement in the world, inside and outside of their work. We are stewards of a system that promotes long-term well-being.


We expect truthfulness and integrity in all that we do. We make responsible use of our physical and human resources as we respond to new priorities in a changing world.


We are curious and advance new ideas and ways of knowing. We work together to expand our knowledge, developing impactful solutions that maximize our reach for a healthier future.


We strive to make a sustainable difference through high quality education and research that benefits the health and well-being of individuals, the greater community and our global neighbours. We equip the next generation of leaders to address the evolving challenges that face our world.

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