Alumni Achievement Award 2002 - Cornelia (Nel) Wieman

First female aboriginal psychiatrist in Canada earns award

Dr. Cornelia WiemanIt's my pleasure to announce the inaugural recipient of the Applied Health Sciences Alumni Achievement Award: Cornelia (Nel) Wieman.

Noted as Canada's first female aboriginal psychiatrist, Dr. Cornelia Wieman, earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from the University of Waterloo Kinesiology program, in 1988 and 1991 respectively. She completed medicine at McMaster University, specializing in psychiatry where she currently holds an academic appointment. Dr. Wieman works in a community-based mental health clinic on the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve.

Dr. Wieman's clinical and academic interests include Aboriginal health and mental health issues, policy and workforce development, and delivery to under serviced populations. She consults for various national agencies involved in the delivery of health care to First Nations communities. She is appointed to the Suicide Prevention Advisory Group of the Federal Ministry of Health and the Assembly of First Nations, addressing First Nations youth suicide. She is a member of the Integration of Mental Health and Addictions Working Group developing a vision for comprehensive services for First Nations peoples living on-reserve and is working with a model combining Aboriginal leaders and Olympic athletes.

Dr. Wieman has won numerous research scholarships and awards, including a National Aboriginal Achievement Award. She is a co-investigator on two initiatives funded by Aboriginal, Federal and Provincial agencies and is member of the Health Canada Research Ethics Board.

Dr. Wieman travels widely, speaking and advocating on behalf of all Aboriginal peoples in this country.

This is the first of our annual achievement awards and we look forward to honouring more of our outstanding alumni in years to come.

Mike Sharratt
Past Dean & Professor Emeritus, Applied Health Sciences