Alumni Achievement Award 2020 - Jessica Bondy

Leadership, dedication, and innovation in the not-for-profit sector

Jessica Bondy

Jessica Bondy (MA ’13, BA ’08) is a leader in her community, both professionally and personally. She currently holds the position of Housing Director at the House of Friendship, where she leads a team that provides emergency shelter and supportive housing in Waterloo Region. A graduate of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences’ Recreation and Leisure Studies program, Jessica completed her BA in 2008 and her MA in 2013. Jessica worked on campus at Waterloo for a number of years in Housing and Residences and Student Success before joining House of Friendship in 2018.

Among her colleagues, Jessica is appreciated for her leadership and innovation. Jessica sits on the Affordable Housing Strategy Committee for the City of Kitchener and the Homeless Umbrella Group in Waterloo Region. Jessica is skilled at building partnerships and programs that protect Waterloo Region’s most vulnerable citizens.

When COVID-19 cases initially started rising in Waterloo Region in early 2020, Jessica was a leader in implementing ShelterCare in the community, doubling the service capacity and drastically reducing the risk to the region’s most vulnerable. Jessica has received national attention for this initiative, being featured on the front page of the Globe and Mail. The ShelterCare program is demonstrating successful outcomes, including a 75 per cent reduction of Emergency Medical Services visits, 50 per cent reduction in overdoses, 40 per cent reduction of serious workplace incidents and increased housing retention.

Jessica is admired for her dedication to community service. Her work is both informed and led by a people-focused and benevolent approach. Jessica is a highly regarded member of the community; she is dedicated to her family, her profession and her faith community.

In recognition of her leadership, dedication and innovation in the not-for-profit sector, Jessica Bondy is the recipient of the 2020 Applied Health Sciences Alumni Achievement Award.