Five males leading the race

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Celebrating 23 years of fun running

The 23rd Annual AHS 5K Fun Run took place on September 27th.

131 runners and walkers enthusiastically made their way around the Ring Road despite the drizzly weather.

Thanks to all the volunteers from within AHS and across campus that made this event a great success.

2008 Fun Run results

First Place Female Student: Michelle Gates (20:53)
First Place Male Student: Steve Formaneck (16:50)
First Place Female Alumni: Tricia Rosati (18:50)
First Place Male Alumni: Colin Rhodes (18:45)
First Place Female Faculty/Staff: Julie Cassaubon (23:46)
First Place AHS Male Faculty/Staff: Rich Hughson (21:19)
First Place Female Open: Nancy Flanigan (28:50)
First Place Male Open: Glen Hughes (21:07)
Youngest Participant: Anna Tyas
Best Costume: Monty Python's Black Knight
23rd Across the Finish Line: Zach Weston (22:17)