Graduation statistics - Health Studies 2010

pie chart showing 18% employed, 68% in post-graduate education, 5% travelling, 5% seeking employment, and 2% other

  • No information was available for 54 of the 2010 Health Studies and Gerontology graduates.
  • Statistics were based on the graduates’ principal activity if they were involved in more than one activity.

Employment (7 of 44, 18%)

Selected job titles

Sleep Study Researcher, The Sleep Clinic

Business Analyst, Global Village Consulting Inc.

Project Coordinator, Cancer Care Ontario

Team Assistant, Community Care Access Centre

Kinesiologist, PT Health

Research Assistant, Cetero Research

Post-graduate education (30 of 44, 68%)


Lakehead University

University of Toronto

McMaster University

Western Regional School of Nursing

Health Studies and Gerontology

University of Waterloo


University of Birmingham

Public Health and/or Epidemiology

University of Buffalo

Guelph University

University of Toronto


University of Waterloo

Speech Language Pathology

University of Toronto


Ross University

Flinders University

University of Toronto

Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion

Centennial College


University of Western Ontario


Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Physician’s Assistant

McMaster University

Renewable Energy & Resource Management

University of Glamorgan

Occupational Therapy

McMaster University

University of Toronto

Looking for employment (3 of 44, 5%)

Other (1 of 44, 2%)

Travelling (2 of 44, 5%)