Graduation statistics - Health Studies 2011

pie chart showing pursuits of Health Studies grads one year after graduation

  • No information was available for 27 of the 2011 Health Studies and Gerontology graduates.
  • Statistics were based on the graduates’ principal activity if they were involved in more than one activity.

Employment (19 of 73, 26%)

Selected job titles

Associate Analyst, Cancer Care Ontario

Clinical Trials Coordinator for Alzheimer's disease, Geriatric Clinical Trials Group at Parkwood Hospital

Coordinator in New Ventures Communication and Marketing, Closing the Gap Healthcare Group

Health Informatics Consultant, Alberta Health Services

Health Promoter, Toronto Public Health

Infection Prevention and Control Support, Grand River Hospital

Intern to Assistant Deputy Officer, Ministry Of Health and Long Term Care

Internship, St. John Providence Health Systems in Michigan

Natural Food Specialist, Goodness Me

Personal Trainer, Premier Fitness

Project Coordinator, MaRS Discovery District

Programs Coordinator, Canada's Health Informatics Association

Project Specialist, RIM

Research Analyst, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Research Associate, Global Research Solutions

Research Assistant, Hospital of Sick Children

Research Project Manager in Orthopaedic Surgery, McMaster University

Research Study Coordinator, McMaster University

Post-graduate education (44 of 73, 60%)


University of Guelph

Food, Nutrition and Health

Ryerson University

University of British Columbia

University of Guelph


University of Toronto

University of Windsor

Health and Gerontology

University of Waterloo

Health Informatics

University of Toronto


University of Waterloo

Medical School

Michigan State University

St George’s University

The Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland)

University of British Columbia

University of Medicine and Health Sciences

University of Toronto

University of Western Ontario

Music Theatre

Randolph Academy


Conestoga College

Lakehead University

University of Western Ontario

Trent University

Occupational Therapy

McMaster University

Queens University

University of British Columbia


University of Waterloo

Physiology and Pharmacology

McMaster University


Queen Margaret University

Public Health

Simon Fraser University

University of Toronto

University of Guelph

University of Waterloo

Regulatory Affairs

Humber College

Respiratory Therapy

The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences

Ultrasound Technician

Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences


St. Georges University School of Veterinary Medicine

Looking for employment (6 of 73, 8%)

Other (1 of 73, 1%)

Studying for MCATs

Travelling (3 of 73, 5%)