Travel assistance and travel claims

The following information is for students presenting papers at conferences

Students should check the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Graduate Studies Research Travel Assistantship page for updates on how travel assistantships are impacted by COVID-19.

To be eligible for travel assistantships, a STUDENT:

  • Must be registered at the University of Waterloo in a degree program at the time of the conference
  • Must be presenting the results of University of Waterloo research at professional conferences
  • Must be the first or second author and be conference presenter
  • Must apply before the conference travel; applications will not be considered following the conference
  • Will not receive funds more than once per fiscal year (May 1 to April 30)

There are three deadlines per year to submit (for preapproval process) a completed Graduate Studies Research Travel Assistantship application. See the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Graduate Studies Research Travel Assistantship application page for deadlines and to access the form.    

Part A: Before conference - application procedures


  • Check if you are eligible and are within the application deadlines
  • Read and understand the guidelines and procedures on page 2 of the Graduate Studies Research Travel Assistantship application form 
  • Complete form
  • Obtain signatures (Supervisor, Department) as required on form
  • Submit form to the Administrator, Faculty Graduate Studies (FGSA)


  • Read and understand the guidelines and procedures on page 2 of the Graduate Studies Research Travel Assistantship application form 
  • Complete/approve the application form

Note: Graduate Travel Assistantships are cost shared by the student’s Supervisor (if possible), the Department, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, and Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA). Please see your respective Department for current stipends from the Department and from the Faculty. GSPA will normally pay expenses up to the total amount paid within the Faculty, to a maximum of $500. These dollar amounts may be adjusted depending on the budget available and the number of travel requests.

Students are encouraged to acknowledge the assistance of funding from the Graduate Studies Office in their abstract and/or presentation.

If your plans change and you will no longer be using your travel funds, please notify your department so that these funds are available for another student.

Part B: After conference - claiming travel expenses


  • Upon the student's return, complete a travel advance and settlement claim form (obtain from department or AHS Faculty Office). You must settle your claim within 30 days.
  • Retain all original receipts, boarding passes and e-tickets and submit them with your travel claim
  • Refer to University of Waterloo travel policy for details
  • Sign at the top (signature of traveler) and bottom (signature of claimant)
  • Obtain necessary account numbers and signature from your supervisor, department/school chair and bring form to the FGSA for faculty reimbursement 
  • FGSA will forward eligible claims to Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs by the deadline indicated by GPSA (within one month after the anticipated date of return from travel)