Life of a Grad Student

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences building foyer

Grad life from a grad perspective

What does it look like to be a graduate student in the Faculty of Health? We asked some of our grad students to show us. Over a period of time during their studies, we asked them to take footage of their lives. These short one-minute videos showcase graduate student life here at Waterloo.


Daniel Armstrong is doing his PhD in Kinesiology. Specializing in biomechanics, Dan studies the impact of heavy lifting in the workplace - specifically for paramedics. Supervisor: Steve Fischer


Recreation and Leisure Studies 

Joseph Skeete conducted his research in Banff, Canada while completing his MA Recreation and Leisure Studies. Working with the Fairmont group of hotels, Joseph investigated the impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives by the hotel chain. Supervisor: Karla Boluk

Brandon Pludwinski's MA Recreation and Leisure Studies research investigated our understanding and perception of nature and landscape while canoeing in Algonquin Park. Supervisor: Bryan Grimwood


 School of Public Health and Health Systems

Amanda Doggett is working toward her PhD in Public Health and Health Systems. As part of the COMPASS study team, she collects health behaviour data from youth across Canada. Using stats from the COMPASS study data, her research concentrates specifically on substance use and obesity in youth. Supervisor: Scott Leatherdale

As a PhD Aging, Health and Well-being studentJoanna Sinn investigated care transitions, resource allocation, and quality improvement. Her research used data from various sources, including the standardized clinical assessments used internationally and developed by interRAI. Through this research, her goal was to inform how heath care organizations and decision makers can better enable persons to live and thrive in the community. Supervisor: John Hirdes.

As part of her research for her MSc Public Health and Health Systems, Danielle Brandow investigated the links between contaminant exposure, nutritional status, and food use in First Nation and Metis communities in the Northwest Territories.  Supervisors: Brian Laird and Kelly Skinner