Co-op learning

Co-op student connects wearable health monitoring devices on a client.

Leaders in co-op education

The University of Waterloo founded co-operative education in Canada and operates the largest post-secondary school co-op program of its kind in the world. With over 7,100 participating employers world-wide, you'll have a huge network of employers to access when you're looking for co-op jobs.

Faculty of Health co-op

At Waterloo, you have two great ways to study - regular or co-op.

In the regular program, you attend classes from September to April and have your summers off. This provides continuity in your studies, and flexibility to pursue your own interests.

In co-op, you spend your time alternating between academic terms and paid work terms. You'll also learn essential skills through our Professional Development Program (WatPD). It's a great way to network, build your resume, and earn money to cover your university expenses!

Our four undergraduate programs are available via the regular or co-op system of study. Either is a great option - select the program that interests you to compare streams and find out which is right for you!