Employer: View current postings

To view job postings for terms we’re actively recruiting for, click the ‘Job Postings’ tab on the dashboard.

Current job postings on WaterlooWorks

To view a specific posting in more detail, click the blue ‘view posting’ button.

  • You can repost the job using the ‘Repost’ button. For more information on reposting jobs, please see how to 'Post or repost a job'. 
  • If there are any applications, click ‘view apps’ to review them. For more information on applications, please see how to screen applications.

To view a summary of key information for all your current postings, scroll to the left.

  • Term: there are three terms at the University of Waterloo. This column shows the term you’re looking to hire for
    • Winter – January to April
    • Spring – May to August
    • Fall – September to December
  • (Job ID) Job Title: Information to identify your posting
  • Subpostings: how many times this job posting has been re-posted
  • # Positions: the number of positions advertised on the job posting
  • Match Openings: the number of positions available prior to match – which could be different from ‘# Positions’ if you’ve decided to increase or decrease the number of students you’d like to hire prior to ranking
  • #Apps: the number of applications you’ve received to the posting
  • #Fill: the number of students employed as a result of the posting
  • #Avail: the difference between the number of match openings and the number of students employed as a result of the posting
  • Internal Status: the job’s status, as defined below
    • Pending new or Pending changed: your job has yet to be approved by CEE staff (either because you just submitted or just changed it). Students won’t be able to see or apply to the job yet
    • Approved: CEE has reviewed and approved your job, but it’s not visible to students until the ‘go-live’ date
    • Open for applications: the ‘go-live’ date has come and students can search and apply to your posting; you won’t be able to see the applications yet
    • Expired – Apps Available: students can no longer apply to your posting, but you can review applicants
    • Interview Scheduled: you’ve submitted your interview schedule and students are in the process of selecting their timeslots
    • Interview Completed: your interview date has passed
    • Emp Rankings Finalized: we’ve received your rankings and your job will go in to our next ranking round
    • FilledUnfilled, or Part Filled: the status of the job after the match – dependent on the number of positions that weren’t filled
    • Cancel: the job has been cancelled and won’t receive applicants or go through a ranking round

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