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As North America's only dedicated Faculty of Math, we are nationally and internationally recognized as one of the top schools for Mathematics and Computer Science. 

With nearly $30 million in research funding (2019/20) and an alumni network of over 45,000 across more than 100 countries, our students, faculty, and graduates continue to push the boundaries of research to discover new ways to harness the power of mathematics, computer science, and statistics. 

  1. Mar. 17, 2023Desk chair of the future blends real and virtual worlds

    Computer science researchers at the University of Waterloo have created a smart desk chair that can intuitively respond to the user’s movements, such as projecting important information on an office wall when the user swivels away from their desk or suggesting regular breaks for mental and physical health.

  2. Mar. 17, 2023Computer Science PhD candidate Joel Wretborn wins visual effects award

    PhD candidate Joel Wretborn and his colleagues Alexey Stomakhin and Steve Lesser at the New Zealand–based visual effects studio WētāDigital x Unity and Douglas McHale at WētāFX have won an Emerging Technology Award at the 21st annual Visual Effects Society Awards for their water simulation toolset used in Avatar: The Way of Water.

  3. Mar. 16, 2023Math Teach-Off turns teaching and learning into friendly competition

    On March 1, 2023, faculty and undergraduate students from the Faculty of Mathematics participated in what they hope will be merely the first “Math Teach-Off” event.

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  1. Mar. 21, 2023Ask-me-Anything with Natalie Gordon
    Natalie Gordon Speaker Series

    The Math Innovation Office is proud to host the Entrepreneurship and Impact Series which aims to bring experienced, successful entrepreneurs to UWaterloo to share their stories and inspire students.

    This series will feature an impressive lineup of speakers who have used their backgrounds in mathematics and computer science to create startups, build innovative products, and forge their own paths to success.

  2. Mar. 22, 2023Using AI to advance health care in Canada
    Human hand reaching out to robotic hand creating a lightning bolt connection over a background of binary code

    Learn about opportunities for engagement and collaboration at T-CAIREM, a national network that engages 23 universities and 90 organizations across Canada in advancing AI in medicine.

    This event is open to all University of Waterloo students, faculty, staff, external partners and community members, and will feature a presentation by Dr. Muhammad Mamdani, PharmD, MA, MPH.

  3. Mar. 23, 2023Math Grad Class Send Off 2023
    Grad Class Send-Off 2023

    The Faculty of Mathematics invites you to join us at this celebratory event, hosted in honour of your accomplishments. Enjoy an evening of delicious food, receive a keepsake gift, make memories in our 360 photo booth, and hear inspirational speeches by the Dean of Mathematics, Mark Giesbrecht, and recent Math alumni.

    Celebrate before you graduate!

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