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Senior Math Faculty Ambassador

3A Mathematics/Teaching, Co-op

Past Co-op Position:
Math learning assistant, Sheridan College, Oakville

Mississauga, ON


  • UWaterloo Culture and Language Exchange Club
  • UWaterloo Concert Band Club, volunteer for the Faculty of Mathematics
  • UWaterloo Cuban Salsa Club

Why Waterloo?

Choosing Waterloo for Mathematics seemed like the obvious choice given the university's dedication to mathematics education. Being immersed in an innovative environment and working alongside smart and creative students from all over world motivates me to fully engage in my learning opportunities. Furthermore, the co-op program is also a huge benefit. I found it to be a perfect balance between academic and real-world experience, and the alternating schedule keeps me refreshed and excited for each term.

Advice for first-year students

Participating in extracurriculars will help you relieve stress and keeping active is a great motivator to develop time management skills early on. Also, inform yourself about available resources. There are many people and places you can go to for help, but you need to be proactive in accessing them. Talking to your professors or teaching assistants and visiting the tutorial centre are only a few ways you can reach out. Don't be afraid to ask for help - these people care about helping you succeed!

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