The general Masters of Engineering (MEng) degree in Mechanical Engineering offered at the University of Waterloo is a course work program open to students who satisfy the admission requirements. The MEng Program takes three to six terms to complete (one to two years) as a full-time student or the maximum time limit for completion of Master's degree requirements totally on a part-time basis is fifteen terms. 

The degree requirement of the MEng program in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering is eight one term graduate level courses and one communications course. For students starting on/after Fall 2016, two out of the eight courses must be taken from a list of approved core graduate courses. As well, MEng students are required to attend at least four Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering department research seminars.

The MEng Program can be taken full-time, but students who want to remain in full-time employment can register on a part-time basis. The candidate is expected to be financially self-supporting. Tuition fees for the program can be reviewed on the Finance department's website.

MEng students can also earn one of three exciting graduate diplomas in conjunction with the MEng degree, with no extra cost:

These growing fields of strategic interest to the economy are ideal for skills upgrading by internationally trained engineers and for professional development for working engineers.

Please note that only one graduate diploma can be earned in conjunction with the MEng degree.

See the graduate diploma course requirements.

General admission requirements for MEng Degree: Requirements are the same requirements as those existing in University, Faculty and MME Department.

Overall MEng Degree Requirements: Same as Faculty of Engineering requirements plus a communications course.

See the MEng student fees.

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