Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Cities (Tier 2)

Brian DoucetDegrees

PhD, Geography, Utrecht University, 2010

MSc, Geography, Utrecht University, 2006

BA (Hons) Geography, University of Toronto, 2003

Contact information
519-888-4567 ext. 48594
Location: EV3 3249

Research Interests

  • Gentrification
  • Neighbourhood change
  • Social and spatial inequalities
  • Cycling, transit and urban mobility
  • Grassroots movements and urban resistance
  • European cities
  • Detroit and old industrial cities
  • Qualitative methods and lived experience research
  • Visual methodologies and urban photography

Recent/key publications

Doucet B and Koenders D (2018) “At least it’s not a ghetto anymore:” experiencing the ‘false choice’ between gentrification and decay in Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderwijk” Urban Studies. 55(13) 3631 – 3649.

Zebracki, M; Doucet, B and de Brant, T. (2018) Beyond Picturesque Decay: Detroit and the Photographic Sites of Confrontation Between Media and Residents Space and Culture.

Doucet, B (2018) Airbnb and the struggle for the city: Fromm Amsterdam to Toronto and beyond. Plan Canada. 58(2) 21-27.

Doucet, B (Ed.) (2017) Why Detroit Matters: Decline, renewal and hope in a divided city (Bristol: Policy Press).

Doucet, B (2017) Why Detroit Matters: Lessons and Visions. Town and Country Planning. March, pp. 97 – 105.

Doucet B and Smit E (2016) ‘Building an urban 'renaissance:' fragmented services and the production of inequality in Greater Downtown Detroit’ Journal of Housing and the Built Environment. 31(4), 635-657.

Doucet, B (2016) ‘Ongelijkheid, gentrificatie en de stad’ in Liukku, E. and Mandias, S. (Eds) Help, wij zijn populair! Rotterdam Stad in Verandering. Rotterdam, Nai 010.

Doucet, B (2015) Faillissement in Detroit: een spiegel voor Nederlands beleid. Stedenbouw en Ruimtelijk Ordening. 96(1) 38 – 41.

Koenders, D and Doucet B (2015) De Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam: de ‘nieuwste wijk in town.’ Geografie. maart.

Doucet, B (2014) ‘A process of change and a changing process: introduction to the special issue on contemporary gentrification’ Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie. 105(2) 125 – 139.

Ernst, O and Doucet, B (2014) ‘A window on the (changing) neighbourhood: the role of pubs and cafés in the contested spaces of gentrification,’ Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie. 105(2) 189 – 205.

Doucet, B (2014) The story of Detroit through ten buildings. Town and Country Planning. 83(1) 34 – 40.

Doucet, B (2013) Lessons from the Motor City: Why Detroit Matters for the 21st Century World. Practicing Planner. Winter 2013

Doucet, B (2013) ‘Four days in Detroit: a Dutch urban geography fieldtrip to the Motor City.’ Belgeo. 2013, 2.

Doucet, B (2013) ‘Variations of the entrepreneurial city: goals, roles visions in Rotterdam’s Kop van Zuid and the Glasgow Harbour megaprojects,’ International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 37(6) 2035 – 2051.

Doucet, B (2013) ‘Detroit: Droom of nachtmerrie,’ Agora. 2013-4, 20 – 24.

Doucet, B and Duignan, E (2012) ‘Experiencing Dublin’s Docklands: perceptions of employment and amenity changes in the Sheriff Street community,’ Irish Geography. 45(1) 45 – 65

Doucet, B; van Kempen, R and van Weesep, J (2011) ‘‘We’re a rich city with poor people’: municipal strategies of new-build gentrification in Rotterdam and Glasgow’ Environment and Planning A.43, 1458 – 1454.

Doucet, B; van Kempen, R and van Weesep, J (2011) ‘Resident perceptions of flagship waterfront regeneration: the case of the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam’ Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie.102(2), 125-145.

Doucet, B (2009) ‘Living through gentrification: subjective experiences of local, non-gentrifying residents in Leith, Edinburgh’ Journal of Housing and the Built Environment. 24, 299-315.

Doucet, B (2009) ‘Global flagships, local impacts’ Urban Design and Planning. 162(DP3) 101-107.

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