Brian Doucet

Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair


Photo of Brian Doucet


PhD, Geography, Utrecht University, 2010

MSc, Geography, Utrecht University, 2006

BA (Hons) Geography, University of Toronto, 2003

Contact information
519-888-4567 ext. 48594
Location: EV3 3249

Twitter: @bmdoucet 

Research interests

  • Gentrification, displacement and neighbourhood change
  • Housing
  • Polarisation and inequality
  • Waterfront regeneration and deindustrialisation
  • Visual methodologies, including repeat photography
  • Transportation, mobility and equity
  • Lived experience research and collaboration with non-profits
  • Long-term changes in cities
  • Qualitative methods
  • Detroit, Toronto, Rotterdam/Dutch cities, Scottish cities, Hamilton, Waterloo Region 

Research grants/projects

  • Mapping tenant displacement through lived experiences
    (Principal Investigator)
    • Funded by: Mitacs Accelerate Grant
  • Centring lived experiences in solutions to the homeless crisis
    (Principal Investigator – partnership with Social Development Centre Waterloo Region)
    • Funded by: University of Waterloo/Region of Waterloo
  • Thinking beyond the market: a film about genuinely affordable housing
    (Principal Investigator)
    • Funded by: SSHRC Connection Grant
  • ‘Many Faces of Urban and Rural Displacement – Ontario Tenants Organize and Speak Up (lead organization: Social Planning Network of Ontario)
    (Academic Advisor)
    • Funded by: Community Housing Transformation Centre, Community Based Tenant Initiative
  • 'Everybody bikes!' a comparative analysis of cycling experiences in the Netherlands and Canada
    (Principal Investigator)
    • ​​​​​​​Funded by: SSHRC Insight Development Grant
  • Overspill gentrification: neighbourhood change in Hamilton, and the impact from Toronto
    (Principal Investigator)
    • Funded by: SSHRC Insight Grant
  • Documenting and Experiencing Gentrification: transit, displacement and the lived experiences of gentrification in Kitchener-Waterloo
    (Principal Investigator)
    • Funded by: SSHRC Partnership Development Grant
  • Boggs Urban Reader: bringing the ‘urban’ into visionary activist research
    (Principal Investigator)
    • Funded by: SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant
  • Residential Property Values and Active Transportation Infrastructure
    (Co-Principal Investigator)
    • Funded by: City of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and the Region of Waterloo
    • Grant Period 2020

Graduate student supervision

  Number of students currently supervising/co-supervising Total number of student supervisions/co-supervisions
Masters 4 5
PhD 3 3

Recent/key publications


Peer reviewed articles

Professional publications and policy reports

Newspaper articles (selected)

  • Doucet, B (2023) Service changes may put brakes on Ion’s gold standard of transit, Waterloo Region Record. 16 November.
  • Doucet, B (2023) 4 affordable housing strategies that are working in Canada, The Conversation. 16 October
  • Doucet, B (2023) Doug Ford reverses Greenbelt plans: Construction would never have provided affordable housing, The Conversation. 21 September.
  • Doucet, B and Pin, L (2023) Cities must take immediate action against ‘renovictions’ to address housing crisis, The Conversation. 20 April.
  • Doucet, B (2023) New weekend GO transit schedule is a game changer for out-of-towners, Toronto Star. 14 April.
  • Doucet, B (2023) Publicly owned land should be used for affordable housing, not sold to private developers, The Conversation. 30 January.
  • Doucet, B (2022) How activists saved Toronto’s streetcars 50 years ago this month, Spacing Toronto. 22 November.
  • Van Melik, R; Doucet, B & Filion P (2022) Stedelijke ongelijkheid door corona vergroot, Geografie. 31(5) 28 – 30
  • Doucet, B (2022) Weekends would be better with direct GO Trains from Kitchener to Toronto, Waterloo Region Record. 10 June.
  • Doucet, B (2022) Streetcar photography as a window to Toronto’s changing landscapes, Spacing Toronto. 11 May.
  • Doucet, B (2022) Ontario’s ‘affordable housing’ task force report does not address the real problems, The Conversation. 10 February.
  • Doucet, B and Marshall, S (2021) End of the line: Why Ontario will regret ripping up this rail corridor, TVO. 20 December
  • Doucet, B (2021) Housing is both a human right and a profitable asset, and that’s the problem, The Conversation. 14 December
  • Doucet, B (2021) Council’s urban boundary decision poses new challenges, Hamilton Spectator. 2 December.
  • Doucet, B (2021) Building a denser, inclusive Hamilton, Hamilton Spectator. 1 December.
  • Doucet, B (2021) Housing will be a dominant issue in the 2022 provincial election, Waterloo Region Record. 2 December.
  • Doucet, B (2021) Trains before lanes: New Highway 7 and other road projects won’t address climate change, Waterloo Region Record. 17 November.
  • Doucet, B (2020) When cycling becomes boring it’s working, Waterloo Region Record. 11 December.
  • Doucet, B (2020) Westmount Road bike lanes a path to a more equitable community, Waterloo Region Record. 12 August.
  • Doucet, B (2019) The road to better urban spaces is full of pedestrians. Waterloo Region Record. 3 October
  • Doucet, B (2019) LRT development boom is squeezing out affordable housing. Waterloo Region Record. 18 June.
  • Doucet, B (2019) Ion LRT will reshape development in Waterloo Region for decades to come. Waterloo Region Record. 16 June.
  • Doucet, B (2019) I clog Toronto’s highways because there is no train service. The Toronto Star. 22 February
  • Doucet, B; Dean, J; Mitchell, C and Toman, S (2018) Winter in spring reinforces need for municipal sidewalk clearing. Waterloo Region Record. 19 April. My contribution was 80%
  • Doucet, B (2018) Pedestrian deaths won’t end as long as Toronto panders to cars and drivers. The Globe and Mail. 11 March.
  • Doucet, B (2017) We can build better, more people-centred cities. Waterloo Region Record. 9 December
  • Doucet, B (2017) National housing strategy fails to go deep enough on root of ills, The Toronto Star. 3 December
  • Doucet, B (2017) Once-in-a-lifetime chance to build density with diversity, Waterloo Region Record. 10 October.

Courses taught:

  • PLAN 100 Evolution of Planning