Associate Director, Graduate Studies | Associate Professor

Zhu (Joe) Qian.Degrees

Ph.D. Urban and Regional Sciences, Texas A & M University, United States, 2008

M.A. Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia, Canada, 2002

B.Arch. Architecture, Tongji University, China, 1996

Contact information
519-888-4567 ext. 48426
Location: EV3 3253

Research interests

  • Comparative urban planning and policy
  • Land use planning and urban form
  • Land use reform and policy in China
  • Heritage conservation and planning in China

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Graduate student supervision

  Number of students currently supervising/co-supervising Total number of student supervisions/co-supervisions
Masters 5 15
PhD 3 3

Recent/key publications

  • Qian, Z. 2019. Displaced Villagers’ Adaptation in Concentrated Resettlement Community: A Case Study of Nanjing, China. Land Use Policy.
  • Qian, Z. 2018. Shanghai’s Socialist Suburbanization, 1953-1962. Journal of Planning History. 17 (3): 226-247.
  • Zhong, T., Qian, Z., Huang, X., Zhao, Z., Zhao, Y., Zhou, Y., 2018. Impact of the Top-down Quota-oriented Farmland Preservation Planning on the Change of Urban Land-use Intensity in China, Habitat International, 77: 71-79.
  • Su, X. and Qian, Z. 2018. The Impact of Housing Market Fluctuation and Housing Supply on the Housing Opportunities of the Moderate- and Low-income Households in 21st Century Urban China: a Case Study of Ordos City. The China Review. 18 (1): 107-135.
  • Zhang, S. and Qian, Z. 2017. The Impacts of High-speed Rail on Shanghai’s Suburban Communities: Social Sustainability and Environmental Justice. In Caprotti, F. and Yu, L. (eds.) Sustainable Cities in Asia, pp.99-111. London: Routledge
  • Qian, Z. and Xue, J. 2017. Small Town Urbanization in Western China: Villager Resettlement and Integration in Xi’an. Land Use Policy. 68: 152-159.
  • Qian, Z. and Li, H. 2017. Urban Morphology and Local Citizens in China’s Historic Neighborhoods: A Case Study of the Stele Forest Neighborhood in Xi’an. Cities. 71: 97-109.
  • Qian, Z. 2017. Resettlement and Adaptation in China’s Small Town Urbanization: Evidence from the Villagers’ Perspective. Habitat International. 67: 33-43.
  • Li, H. and Qian, Z. 2016. Archaeological Heritage Tourism in China: the Case of the Daming Palace from the Tourist Perspective, Journal of Heritage Tourism, DOI: 10.1080/1743873X.2016.1208205 
  • Zhang, S. and Qian, Z. 2016. The Impacts of High-speed Rail on Shanghai’s Suburban Communities: Social Sustainability and Environmental Justice. In Caprotti, F. and Yu, L. (eds.) Sustainable Cities in Asia. Surry: Ashgate (Forthcoming)
  • Qian, Z. 2016. Political Campaigns and Urban Transformation in Maoist China, 1949-1976. International Development Planning Review, 38 (2): 113-133.
  • Qian, Z. and Bright, E. M. 2015. Houston: a Liveable City without Zoning? In F. Wagner and R. Mahayni (eds.) Transforming Distressed Global Communities: Making Inclusive, Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable Cities, pp. 101-116. Surrey: Ashgate. 
  • Qian, Z. 2015. City Profile: Hangzhou. Cities, 48: 42-54. 
  • Qian, Z. 2015. From the First Five-Year Plan to the Cultural Revolution: Pre-reform Urban Transformation of Hangzhou, China. Planning Perspectives, 30 (4): 571-595. 
  • Qian, Z. 2015. Land Acquisition Compensation in Post-reform China: Evolution, Structure and Challenges in Hangzhou. Land Use Policy, 46: 250-257.
  • Pavlic, D. and Qian, Z. 2014. Declining Inner Suburbs? A Longitudinal-Spatial Analysis of Large Metropolitan Regions in Canada. Urban Geography, 35 (3): 378-401. 
  • Qian, Z. 2014. China’s Pre-reform Urban Transformation: the Case of Hangzhou during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). International Development Planning Review, 36 (2): 181-203.
  • Qian, Z. 2013. Master Plan, Plan Adjustment and Urban Development Reality under China’s Market Transition: a Case Study of Nanjing. Cities, 30 (1): 77-88. 
  • Qian, Z. 2012. Post-reform Urban Restructuring in China: the Case of Hangzhou 1990-2010. Town Planning Review, 83 (4), 431-456.
  • Qian, Z. 2011. Shaping Urban Form without Zoning: Investigating Three Neighbourhoods in Houston. Planning Practice and Research. Vol.26 (1): 21-42.
  • Qian, Z. 2011. Building Hangzhou's New City Center: Mega Project Development and Entrepreneurial Urban Governance in China. Asian Geographer. Vol.28 (1): 3-19.
  • Qian, Z. 2010. Without zoning: Urban Development and Land Use Controls in Houston. Cities. 27 (1): 31-41.
  • Qian, Z. 2008. Empirical Evidence from Hangzhou's Urban Land Reform: Evolution, Structure, Constraints and Prospects. Habitat International. Vol.32 (4): 494-511.
  • Qian, Z. 2007. Historic District Conservation in China: Assessment and Prospects. Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review. Vol.19 (1): 59-76.
  • Qian, Z. 2007. Institutions and Local Growth Coalitions in China's Urban Land Reform: the Case of Hangzhou High Technology Zone. Asia Pacific Viewpoint. Vol.48 (2): 219-233. Winner of Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies' (FURS) 2006 international competition prize for the best essay on urban and regional themes by young authors.
  • Qian, Z. 2006. Towards A Collaborative Approach to Urban Conservation Planning in China: An Analysis with reference to Quanzhou. Projections: the MIT Journal of Planning. Vol.5 (June): 49-67.

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Research grants/projects

  • The informality of housing finance in China (Principal Investigator, 2019-2021)
  • Funded by: Insight Development Grants, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

  • Becoming urban citizens: transformation and adaptation of displaced villagers in China's concentrated resettlement communities (Principal Investigator, 2018-2021)
  • Funded by: Insight Grants, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; Canada-China Scholars' Exchange Program (Global Affairs Canada and the Chinese Ministry of Education)

  • Impact of land-use changes on water consumption pattern in urban areas (Co-investigator, 2018-2020)
  • Funded by: Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

  • Socio-spatial transformation in urban China during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976): A case study of Hangzhou (Principal Investigator, 2012-2014)
    • Funded by: Insight Development Grants, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • New city development in post-reform China: state, society and space (Principal Investigator, 2011-2014)
    • Funded by: Standard Research Grants, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Master Plan, Plan Adjustment, and Urban Development Reality under China's Market Transition: A Case Study of Nanjing (Principal Investigator, 2009-2011)
    • Funded by: Research Development Initiatives, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

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