Cloé St-Hilaire

PhD Candidate | Planning

Cloé St-Hilaire
Prior Degrees

Master of Urban Planning, McGill University, 2021

Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Managing for Sustainability, McGill University, 2019


Dr. Martine August

Contact information

Planning Interest

  • Housing, Financialization, Digital technologies, Open data methodologies, Agonistic planning

Research Topic

Financialization and digital technologies in Canada's rental housing sector

Presentations/Publications/Professional Experience

Peer-reviewed article:

  • St-Hilaire, C., Brunila, M., & Wachsmuth, D. (2023). High rises and housing stress: A spatial big data analysis of rental housing financialization. Journal of the American Planning Association. DOI: 10.1080/01944363.2022.2126382 

Professional reports: 

Web application:

Conference presentations:

  • August, M., & St-Hilaire, C. (4 November 2022). Financialization and housing inequality: Measuring impacts on affordability in Toronto. [Paper presented at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning’s Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada]. 

  • August, M., & St-Hilaire, C. (28 August 2022). On the rise: Financialization and rents in Toronto, Canada. [Paper presented at the Residential Contradictions conference in Durham, United Kingdom]. 

Of note

  • Cloé is the recipient of a doctoral award from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec. She is also a national-level powerlifting athlete with the Canadian Powerlifting Union.

At the University of Waterloo

  • Cloé acted as the Graduate Chair of the School of Planning in the Graduate Student Association for the March 2022-February 2023 term.